The Hyper official porting of the original Material Theme.
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Material Theme for Hyper Hyper Material Theme

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Hyper Material Theme

This is the official Material Theme porting for Hyper App.

1. Installation

Just edit your ~/.hyper.js file (Hyper > Preferences...) and add hyper-material-theme to plugins: [] array.

plugins: ['hyper-material-theme'],

2. Configuration

This theme provides settings that you MUST add in your ~/.hyper.js file directly after the colors object.

    colors: {...

    MaterialTheme: {
        // Set the theme variant,
        // OPTIONS: 'Darker', 'Palenight', ''
        theme: '',

        // [Optional] Set the rgba() app background opacity, useful when enableVibrance is true
        // OPTIONS: From 0.1 to 1
        backgroundOpacity: '1',

        // [Optional] Set the accent color for the current active tab
        accentColor: '#64FFDA',

        // [Optional] Mac Only. Need restart. Enable the vibrance and blurred background
        // OPTIONS: 'dark', 'ultra-dark', 'bright'
        // NOTE: The backgroundOpacity should be between 0.1 and 0.9 to see the effect.
        vibrancy: 'dark'

    // other configs..

Then restart the app