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This project is not more under active development. Since Sublime Text is an obsolete software compared to other editors please consider Material Theme for Visual Studio Code.

This repo will will keep approving fixing PR from contributors, if there is one.

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Material Theme - Appbar

With this addon you can add a tinted app bar to your Material Theme installation. This addon auto fits with material theme accent colors!


Material Theme App Bar

Easy installation

Install through the Package Control. Search for "Material Theme Appbar" then restart Sublime Text.


If you've intalled 1.0.0 through Package Control please uninstall and reinstall it

Manual installation

  1. Download the latest release, extract and rename the folder to "Material Theme - Appbar".

  2. Move the folder inside your sublime Packages directory. (Preferences > Browse packages...) then restart Sublime Text

Addon options

"material_theme_tree_headings": true, // Show sidebar headings
"material_theme_appbar_lime": true,
"material_theme_appbar_orange": true,
"material_theme_appbar_purple": true,
"material_theme_appbar_red": true,
"material_theme_appbar_yellow": true,
"material_theme_appbar_indigo": true,
"material_theme_appbar_pink": true,
"material_theme_appbar_blue": true,
"material_theme_appbar_cyan": true,
"material_theme_appbar_charcoal": true
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