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This repository contains the raw data, code, and sources used to create a state and sub-state historical minimum wage dataset described in Vaghul and Zipperer (2016).
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This replication package contains the Stata code and raw spreadsheets needed to create the state-level and sub-state-level minimum wage dataset described in Vaghul and Zipperer (2016).

Contents of /code/

Run the following do-files to create the state and substate-level extracts. You will need to change the ${home} directory in these do-files to match your directory setup. The running the code will update and replace the contents of the /exports/ and /release/ folders.

  1. - creates a state-level data
  2. - creates substate-level data (requires output of

Contents of /rawdata/

These spreadsheets are the raw data called by the do-files above:

  • VZ_SubstateMinimumWage_Changes.xlsx - substate-level changes
  • VZ_StateMinimumWage_Changes.xlsx - state-level changes
  • VZ_FederalMinimumWage_Changes.xlsx - federal changes
  • FIPS_crosswalk.xlsx - misc. state geography

Contents of /sources/

The sub-directories listed below contain the PDF versions of the sources used to create the historical minimum wage dataset:

  • /substate/ - substate-level source PDFs
  • /state/ - state-level source PDFs
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