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NEW CHAIN -----------

EquiTrader [EQT] – Monetizing Financial Market Analysis

Accurate & Profitable Trade Forecasts using Swarm Intelligence

RPC Port: 43102 Network Port: 43103

30% annual interest

Built by Traders, For Traders4

EquiTrader is a decentralized crowdsourced financial markets analysis platform which rewards traders with app tokens for providing valuable market analysis and trading forecasts.

EquiTrader rewards traders for sharing their insight on successful altcoin, bitcoin, and financial market analysis and trades, and provides a social community for traders and investors of cryptocurrency, stock, futures, and forex markets.

EquiTrader is a robust tool and platform for traders and investors to discuss their ideas, where traders get rewarded for their forecasts. With interactive financial and cryptocurrency charts for analysis, EquiTrader provides a complete suite of advanced tools and technical indicators suitable for both beginners and advanced traders.

The EquiTrader platform provides traders with: · Trading charts · Trade alerts · Trading indicators · Technical analysis tools · Social features · 24/Hr Support

EQT tokens are used to reward traders for sharing their technical analysis of financial markets and trading forecasts. EQT tokens are used to reward traders for sharing their technical analysis of markets.

EquiTrader is a P2P cryptocurrency aimed at providing a platform for traders to share valuable analysis about the market and trading, and get rewarded for their forecasts. EquiTrader is applying swarm intelligence of traders to accurately forecast the most profitable trade. EquiTrader rewards traders for their insight into successful altcoin and bitcoin market analysis and trades, and provide a social community for traders online.

By monetizing your content, EQT incentivizes traders to share their technical analysis of financial and cryptocurrency markets. Such an incentive system not only encourages traders to share their analysis, but also allows the average user to easily and accurately pick the profitable traders to follow.

Harnessing the power of swarm intelligence and the wisdom of crowds, EquiTrader enables traders to sieve through the crowd to pick quality analyses, therefore accurately forecasting the most profitable trade and maximise profits.

On top of all that, our key selling point is our Social Trading Platform, which will enable shadow trading for users to execute automated trades based on following profitable traders.


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