LRUG talk - Docker Rails AWS Elastic Beanstalk - "puppies" demo app
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AWS ElasticBeanstalk Ruby on Rails Docker

This is a Demo application related to the talk AWS Elastic Beanstalk & Docker for Rails developers

>>>>Talk Video<<<<

Pre-built application (puppies app) Docker images:


Clone this repo and cd into it:

$ git clone
$ cd docker_rails_aws_elasticbeanstalk_demmo_app

Once the application is running and is successfully connected to DB be sure to run rake db:seed inside the container. You can leart out how to run commands inside Docker container here.

Running production application locally

Production version of docker-compose.yml is located in the root folder of this git repo.

to run in production mode, all you need to do:

  1. install Docker and docker-compose
  2. $ docker-compose up or $ sudo docker-compose up
Running application locally (development mode)

docker-compose -f docker-compose-development.yml up

Running production application on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Elastic Beanstalk's is located in ./aws_elastic_beanstalk.

In that folder is separate file containing useful information on AWS Elastic Beanstalk CLI

Steps to lunch "puppies" demo application in AWS Elastic Beanstalk:

Step 1: Configure new Docker based AWS Beanstalk Enviroment, PostgreSQL RDS, Redis Elastic Cache and ensure the Security Groups are set in a way that endpoints can communicate to each other. In order to achieve this you can follow steps in this article:

Web interface deployment:

Step 2:: Once in the configured EB environment, from web interface Click "Upload" and chose ./aws_elastic_beanstalk/

CLI deployment:

Step 2:: Install and configure EB CLI. You can find my instructions on EB CLI here

Step 3: $ cd ./aws_elastic_beanstalk and $ eb deploy

Nginx proxy container

Nginx image source code located in ./nginx folder.

How lunch stuff / debug app inside the Docker containers

From host machine you can lunch:

bash docker/    # enter bash in the puppies_web container
bash docker/ # enter rails console in the puppies_web container
bash docker/     # pry debugger - where you introduce `binding.pry`

bash docker/      # enter bash in the proxy container

Or manually type:

docker ps
docker exec -it xxIdOfAContainerxx  bash

How to Build Docker image and how to push a change to Docker registry

docker-compose build
docker-compose push

Other Resources

How the Ruby on Rails application was generated
mkdir docker_rails_aws_elasticbeanstalk_demo_app
cd docker_rails_aws_elasticbeanstalk_demo_app

gem install bundler rails

rails new puppies --skip-test --skip-action-mailer

rake db:create
rake db:seed