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Split Keyboard

This file is a script for video:

In this video I would like to show you what are split keyboards, reasons why I use them and reasons why I find them good idea for a 10 finger typing technique.

Here is a typical travel keyboard that has simillar size as any notebook / macbook keyboard. When I'm typing with 10-finger technique on this keyboard, my hands get to this really creepy position.

Here is larger keyboard model. The layout is wider but when typing, my hands end up in the same, bad position.

Whether you are editor writing a long text or a software-developer writing a code, this is not a good position to be for 8 hours, specially if you are a person with wide shoulders or tall person like me (I'm around 193cm, that's like 6.3 feet tall )

I personally feel wrist pain after 3 - 4 hours holding hands like this, even if I take regular breaks after 30 minutes. (Pomodoro technique which I'll explain in some other episode).

Lot of keyboard brands introduced ergonomic keyboards where the keyboard layout is split in half on a curved on a single monolithic board. Yes truth is they are better solution than regular keyborads but still not enough for tall person. Another problem is that the good models are overpriced and are too big & heavy to travel with.

I find that for me, the ideal hand position when typing on keyboard, is to have hands parallel to to shoulder.

The best way to achive this is to buy a "split keyboard", where layout is split in phisical half (meaning 2 bords conected via cable). Therefore you can turn them, position them the way that is the best for your arms, without the need to relly on limited setup provided by manufacturer.

Split keyboards are awesome but kind of pricy (last time I googled the cheapest one was like $100)

Here is solution that I'm using:

I have two $15 small travel keyboards plugged to a $5 usb hub where I use half of the layout of one keyboard for left hand and other half of the layout of the other keyboard for the right hand. It's the same dynamic setup solution like split-keyboard provides

You can go even further with this approch and cut of the keyboard cables, cut of the USB hub cables solder them together and you have literally a split keyboard.

Here is a example of me playing "typeracer".

I ended up at 59 w.p.m. My average is around 50. (I'm not that fast)

Here is an example of me writing a code in Ruby programing language.

I'm using this 2 keyboard split for over 4 year now. I'm much more productive.

This saves you some money, saves your wrists from pain and you will have an extra keyboard whenever you need to pair-code with someone :)


  • I'm using Dworak layout (event though those are Uk keyborads)