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Automatically detect the /dev/sdX name of a hotpluggable device (such as USB). Linux.
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Auto Dev Detect

Automatically detects the devname of a hotpluggable device, such as a USB drive. Devnames come of the form /dev/sdX where X is some letter. It denotes where the computer has saved the device in the filesystem, and is sometimes useful to know. Unfortunately it can be difficult to know which devname belongs to which device, which is what this aims to resolve. The user will disconnect and reconnect the device, and Auto Dev Detect will print out something like /dev/sdc, allowing the user to do things with the device's devname.

How to Use

Download the finddev program, and run it from within a bash shell. The following commands might be used to this end:

$ git clone
$ ./Auto-Dev-Detect/finddev
$ sudo cp ./Auto-Dev-Detect/finddev /usr/bin #Installs into base path
Now you can do
$ finddev

This installs and executes the Auto-Dev-Detect program. Root privledges are not required. Now that finddev is running, connect or disconnect a hotpluggable device and wait up to two seconds for a response.


Auto Dev Detect requires bash, perl, and the diff command. Most Linux distributions come with these preinstalled.

Additional information

Clonezilla now uses a similar program in their software.

Licensed with MIT free software license.

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