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Remote Staging Execution Tool

rset(1) operates by staging files on a remote system, then executing instructions embedded in the pln(5) files. Any interpreter capable of running scripts read over a pipe may be specified.

The bundled utilities rinstall(1) and rsub(1) provide an easy means of installing and modifying configuration files, and capabilities are added by writing utility scripts which are sent along with configuration data.

Source Installation - BSD, Mac OS, and Linux


Compile-time options can be changed by editing config.h.

Build using

make install

or to install locally

PREFIX=$HOME/local make install

Running Tests

Ruby 2.4 is required

make test


List all labels matching a regex for host 'db1'

rset -n -x 'net|etc' db1

Execute all labels matching a regex for hosts 'db[1-3]'

rset -x 'net|etc' db1 db2 db3

Iterate over a list of hosts read from a file and execute labels that start with default pattern [0-9a-z]

xargs rset < hosts

Show configuration files and labels that contain a reference a specific file

labelgrep httpd.conf *.pln


A release history as well as features in the upcoming release are covered in the NEWS file.