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iOS AVSpeechSynthesizer Plugin for Unity3D

Created By:

Eralp Karaduman

Trying It Out:

  • Open TTSTest folder/project in Unity3D
  • Change build setting to iOS
  • Have an iOS device attached ( doesn't build for simulator by default)
  • Build!
  • Change iOS dev team id, provisioning & signing
  • Tap the screen once it prompts
  • It will speak a quote from HAL9000


  • Lets you know when it starts speaking.
  • Lets you know when it finishes speaking.
  • Lets you know when it reads a specific word of the text.

See the TTSTest.cs class in TTSTest Unity3D project for details.

Index of Significant Locations:


    Video recording demo of the compiled Unity3D project on iOS

  • /TTSTest

    Unity3D project containing the Plugin and the test implementation scene

    • Contains Scenes/TTSTest.unity scene. Which has the example implementation of the plugin

    • TTSTest object in hierarcy has c# script TTSTest.cs implementing the plugin and displaying test GUI

    • TTS/TTSPlugin prefab (also in hierarcy) has TTSPlugin.cs the Unity3D side of the plugin.

    • Files under TTS/Plugin/TTSPlugin, TTSPlugin.h & TTSPlugin.h are the native iOS side code of the implementation.

    • Actual files are here, the ones in Unity3DTTSPlugin xcode project are just relatively symlinked. The reason not being the other way is explained below.

  • /Unity3DTTSPlugin

    XCode project for developing & testing the native plugin files

    • Running native iOS project will trigger the class responsible for doing the synthesis, for testing.

    • TTSPlugin.h & TTSPlugin.h are not actual files in this project but they are symlinked from unity project. Not the other way to avoid problems when building unity project


  • Generated XCode project is not provided since its mostly intermediate code

  • The XCode project Unity3DTTSPlugin is not generated game code from Unity3D. It's used for developing the native side of the plugin

  • Folder TTSTestXCode is ignored since its used for development in generating the intermediate Unity3D iOS XCode project.








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