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"""Unravel, Piazza Deanonymizer"""
import argparse
import time
import json
from piazza_api import Piazza
from tinydb import TinyDB
from jsondiff import diff
def get_change_content(children, when):
"""Checks every childrens history recursively to find the content
of the change.
children: children array of the post dict.
when: Time of change log dict.
Content of the change in HTML format.
for child in children:
if child.get('updated') == when:
return child.get('subject')
if child.get('history') is not None: # an answer
for hist in child.get('history'):
if hist.get('created') == when:
return hist.get('content')
elif len(child.get('children')) >= 1:
found = get_change_content(child['children'], when)
if found is not None:
return found
return None
def retrieve_posts(piazza_class):
"""Retrieve posts of the class.
piazza_class: Piazza class instance.
Dict of every post in the class.
feed = piazza_class.iter_all_posts()
posts = {}
for index, post in enumerate(feed):
posts[index] = post
return posts
def sanitize_user(user):
"""Sanitizes the given dict by removing the following keys:
lti_ids, user_id, days, views
These fields pollute the diff result unnecessarily.
user: User dict.
A sanitized user dict.
KeyError: If any of the mentioned keys does not exist.
del user['lti_ids'], user['user_id'], user['days'], user['views']
return user
def parse_arguments():
"""Parses command-line arguments.
email: Piazza username.
password: Piazza password.
class_id: Class ID on Piazza.
ArgumentError: If any of the arguments is missing.
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Piazza Post Deanonymzer.')
group = parser.add_argument_group('Piazza Authentication')
group.add_argument('-u', metavar='email', type=str,
help='Piazza account email', dest="email")
group.add_argument('-p', metavar='password', type=str,
help='Piazza account password', dest="password")
group.add_argument('-c', metavar='class_id', type=str,
help='Class id from{class_id}', dest="class_id")
args = parser.parse_args()
if not ( and args.password and args.class_id):
parser.error("the following arguments are required: -u -p -c.")
return args
def track(piazza, class_id, userdb, postdb):
"""Tracks the user statistics of the Piazza class
and the posts data of the class to find the anonymous poster and the post.
piazza: Logged in Piazza instance.
class_id: Class ID on Piazza for tracking.
userdb: User TinyDB database.
postdb: Post TinyDB database.
piazza_class =
if not postdb.all():
# Insert the new stats record to the database
stats = piazza_class.get_statistics()
stats = {'users': stats['users'],
'total': stats['total'], 'top': stats['top_users']}
# Find the difference between this stats and the previous one
if len(userdb.all()) == 2:
find_diffs(piazza_class, userdb, postdb)
elif len(userdb.all()) < 2:
print("No previous record. Program will start comparing with the next record.")
print("Number of records are greater than 2. Removing all but the most recent one.")
def find_post_diff(postdb):
"""Compares the previous and current posts data.
postdb: Post TinyDB database.
The diff dict of an updated posts change log.
cid: Post CID on Piazza
content: Updated text
diff_type: Change type on the post
time: Date of change
prev = postdb.all()[0]
curr = postdb.all()[1]
if len(prev) > len(curr): # New post
recent = prev['0']['history'][-1]
subject = recent['subject']
when = recent['created']
return {
"cid": prev['0']['nr'],
"content": subject,
"diff_type": "post_delete",
"time": when
if len(prev) < len(curr):
recent = curr['0']['history'][-1]
subject = recent['subject']
when = recent['created']
return {
"cid": curr['0']['nr'],
"content": subject,
"diff_type": "post_add",
"time": when
for post in prev:
# Find a difference in a post change log
difference = diff(prev[post]['change_log'], curr[post]
['change_log'], syntax='explicit', dump=True)
difference = json.loads(difference) # Convert to json
if difference != {}:
diff_type = difference['$insert'][0][1]['type']
when = difference['$insert'][0][1]['when']
except KeyError:
print(f'Key Error: s$insert {difference}')
change = get_change_content(curr[post]['children'], when)
return {
"cid": curr[post]['nr'],
"content": change,
"diff_type": diff_type,
"time": when
return None
def find_diffs(piazza_class, userdb, postdb):
"""Compares the previous and current class statistics.
Diffs every user dict in previous and the current record.
userdb: User TinyDB database.
postdb: Post TinyDB database.
prev = userdb.all()[0].get('users')
curr = userdb.all()[1].get('users')
# Find a difference in a user data between two statistics records
user = None
for index, prev_user in enumerate(prev):
prev_user = sanitize_user(prev_user)
curr[index] = sanitize_user(curr[index])
difference = diff(prev_user, curr[index], syntax='explicit')
if difference != {}:
user = {"name": curr[index]['name'], "email": curr[index]['email']}
if user is not None:
posts = retrieve_posts(piazza_class)
post_diff = find_post_diff(postdb)
print(user, post_diff)
def main():
"""Get the cli args and start tracking."""
args = parse_arguments()
piazza = Piazza()
piazza.user_login(, args.password)
# Create/load tinydb for the users and posts
userdb = TinyDB(f'{args.class_id}.json', default_table="users")
postdb = TinyDB(f'{args.class_id}.json', default_table="posts")
while True:
track(piazza, args.class_id, userdb, postdb)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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