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@eramdam eramdam released this Dec 23, 2017 · 692 commits to main since this release

  • You can add a Mute <source> item in tweets menu. Useful to mute tweets from specific apps!
  • You can add a clear button ( 💧 ) in columns' header (thanks @EntranceJew #224)
  • You can add a "collapse" button ( ) in columns' header (thanks @EntranceJew #208)
  • You can specify the format of the filename when downloading a GIF/image. (thanks @EntranceJew #204)
  • You can make it so holding Ctrl (or Cmd on Mac) while interacting with a tweet (liking, retweeting, download/hotliking its media) makes you follow the author of said tweet. (thanks @EntranceJew #206)
  • Some internal changes have been made so Better TweetDeck is (hopefully) more reliable and faster. Are affected: timestamps, and the removal of the redirection among others.
  • I've tweaked the way the old replies are displayed in tweets, this should be more on-par with the old behavior.
  • GIFs downloaded off a retweet should have the proper username in their filename (thanks @EntranceJew #203)
  • A couple visual bugs have been fixed
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