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@eramdam eramdam released this Feb 2, 2018 · 206 commits to master since this release

Advanced Mute Engine's debut!

  • This release marks the debut of the Advanced Mute Engine into Better TweetDeck! Amazing work by @pixeldesu.
    This lets you:
    • Mute specific keywords from a specific user
    • Mute by using regular expressions (the old regex settings has been removed)
    • Mute by keywords in users' biography
    • Mute users with default profile pictures
    • Mute users with less than X followers
  • Nicovideo thumbnails are now supported! And Nicoseiga thumbnails should work again! (Thanks @shuuji3 (#295))
  • Pixiv thumbnails are back! (Thanks @shuuji3 (#303))
  • You can now add the tweetId variable to the filename when downloading images/videos of a tweet (thanks @shuuji3 (#305))
  • Settings are now translated in German (thanks @Flak3 (#307 ))
  • The emoji completion should now add the selected emoji when using the Tab key (thx @Floppy012 (#309))
  • The verified icon on top of avatars is now a SVG icon which should look better in some browsers (namely Firefox)
  • Instagram embeds should work again

Back to the future

  • A new setting to re-enable the old dark theme has been added. Keep in mind that this is experimental and can break at any time and won't be maintained eternally either. Look for it in the Interface section!


  • Fixed some CSS after TweetDeck's update on the 6th of February that reduced the size of avatars and tweaked some layouts in the notifications columns
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