A Chrome extension to download Wallhaven wallpapers easily and faster than ever
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Wallhaven Direct Downloader

A Chrome extension to download Wallhaven's wallpapers straight from the search page !

This extension adds a direct download link to thumbnails, simply hover over a thumbnail to see it.


Just grab and install the extension from Chrome Web Store : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wallbase-direct-downloade/mggclgefcmlpigdbcpfheklbhflnknkf

Installation (Opera)

Better TweetDeck has been proven to work on Opera using the Download Chrome Extension add-on. Follow those steps to install Better TweetDeck on Opera :

  1. Download "Download Chrome Extension"
  2. Get Wallhaven Direct Downloader on the Chrome Web Store
  3. Install it like you would on Chrome
  4. Confirm the installation because Opera will freak out about the origin of the extension
  5. ???
  6. PROFIT !!! 🎉


Screenshot Screenshot



  • Fixed bugs


  • Revamped the code to work with Wallhaven
  • New icon
  • Lighter extension


  • Now the extension works if you disable the lazy-loading in Wallhaven's preferences.


  • The extension is now handling correctly wallpapers in PNG format thanks to super-awesome XMLHttpRequests ! Yay for technology !

  • Fixed a bug introduced by the multiple thumbnail sizes feature

0.0.5 :

  • Added the support of the multiple thumbnails format of Wallhaven and fixed the url accordingly

0.0.4 :

  • Changed the "Download" link to 2 icons, then you can preview OR download the wallpaper directly !