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Install-WebLogic will silently install the Oracle WebLogic server on a machine.
None - the script contains all information required to run.
Messages are printed to the console as the installation progresses. A log file is created of the installation.
The location where the installer files and answer files are located must be accessible over the network on the machine
where WebLogic is to be installed.
#Set the location of the installer and the answer file:
$InstallerLocation = "\\\SoftwareShare\WebLogic"
#Map a network drive for the copyover of the installer to the local system:
New-PSDrive -Name "X" -PSProvider FileSystem -Root $InstallerLocation | Out-Null
#Copy the installer and answer files to the local system:
Copy-Item -Path "X:\weblogic.jar" -Destination "F:\weblogic.jar"
Copy-Item -Path "X:\silent.xml" -Destination "F:\silent.xml"
#Change to the location of the installer files:
Set-Location $env:JAVA_HOME\bin
#Call the Java executable to install WebLogic silently using the answer file, writing a log of the install:
.\java.exe -Xmx1024m -jar F:\weblogic.jar -mode=silent -silent_xml=F:\silent.xml -log=F:\WebLogicInstall.log
#Remove the installer and answer file to reclaim drive space:
Remove-Item "F:\weblogic.jar"
Remove-Item "F:\silent.xml"