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A dockerized environment For [JanusGraph + ElasticSearch + Cassandra + GraphExp]
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This is a dockerized environment For [JanusGraph + ElasticSearch + Cassandra + GraphExp] What you will get :

Getting Started :

To run the stack you need to set the correct permissions to edit the data folders.

Prerequisites :

Installation :

  1. To setup the permissions run at the root folder of the project : janusGraphEnv/ : mkdir dataCassandra/ dataES/ portData/ sudo chmod -R 777 dataCassandra/ dataES/ portData/
  2. Then to build & run the stack : docker-compose up
  3. Go to : http://localhost:9000 & setup for a local docker engine.
  4. You will need to restart the [janusgraph] container because it search at the startup to connect immediately to cassandra, which is not yet running at the startup of your stack. Note : you will have to do this each time you restart your entire stack
  5. You are good to go !

If you want to have information to your elasticsearch database content, please download elastic-head plugin and connect to http://localhost:9200

Portal :

To have a bookmark of the environment + useful links : Go to : http://localhost:8081

Use the environment :

Connect remotely to your JanusGraph container & run commands:

As you can see there is an apache-tinkerpop client in the project folder, it has the right version to connect to janusgraph and therefore can be used as a remote gremlin-client for the gremlin-server embedded in JanusGraph.

  1. To connect to it you will have to edit the file : vim apache-tinkerpop/conf/remote.yaml
    In the hosts:[localhost] please replace the localhost by the ip of the janusgraph container (you can find it using portainer > go to the network of your stack > get the ip of the [janusgraph] container)
  2. Run a terminal & execute the bash script on : bash apache-tinkerpop/bin/
  3. You need to connect to the gremlin-server on the janusgraph container with this command : :remote connect tinkerpop.server conf/remote.yaml session
  4. You need to specify that you want to execute remote commands : :remote console
  5. Now you can run commands with your console in remote to the janusgraph container !

To visualize your Work :

GraphExp is a simple, opensource lighweight solution for visualizing janusgraph content in a browser Using D3.js graphic library. just go to : http://localhost:8183 to access graphExp.

If you want to visualize datas by default, you can load the janusGraph god graph by connecting remotely to the gremlin-server of JanusGraph :

  • bash apache-tinkerpop/bin/
  • :remote connect tinkerpop.server conf/remote.yaml session
  • :remote console
  • graph ='/janusgraph-0.2.0-hadoop2/conf/gremlin-server/')
  • GraphOfTheGodsFactory.load(graph)

To stop properly the stack :

To stop correctly the stack and ensure any kind of data loss do this :

  1. Verify that there are no Janusgraph transaction still pending or processing.
  2. Go to the root directory of the project (janusGraphEnv/) and do : docker-compose down
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