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eLearnware extension for mediawiki

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eLearnware extension for MediaWiki

1. Overview
2. Installing eLearnware Extension
3. New Special Pages
4. How to use
5. Credits

==1. Overview==
This MediaWiki extension facilitates synchronizing contents with HTML5 
video for MedaiWiki. Targeted purpose is to view rich video lectures 
synchronized with slides. 

==2. Installing eLearnware extension==
Installing the eLearnware extension can be done in few steps.

step 1
You should run eLearnware.sql against your wiki database.
Then a new table named my_wikislides will be added.

Step 2
Then add the following into the end of your wiki's LocalSettings.php:
require_once( "$IP/extensions/eLearnware/eLearnware.php" );

Step 3
Open eLearnware.php in the eLearnware extension folder.
Then go to variable $myPath and add the path from your server root to eLearnware extension folder.
Suppose your wiki is installed in a folder named wiki in your server root.
Then $myPath='/wiki/extensions/eLearnware/';

Now you can access two special pages of this extension in your wiki's SpecialPages page.

==3. New Special Pages==
Video extension introduces two new special pages, Special:Editor and Special:Viewer.

Special:Editor is used to add a video and assign content to synchronize with that video.
Special:Viewer is used to view videos synchronized with content.

==4. How to use==

Step 1
Create two copies of the HTML5 video file, one in .mp4 format and the other in .ogv format.

Step 2
Then upload both files to wiki/extensions/eLearnware/content directory.

Step 3.
Now go to special page Special:Editor. Then you must type the name of the video that you have uploaded. 
Then click save.

Step 4.
Now you will be moved to the video editing environment. Here you can play the video, sample it and 
move to each sample by clicking on it. Then you can add content to each sample by using the text editor.

You can see a list of created videos by going to Special:Viewer. From there you can click on one and view it.

==5. Credits==
This extension is implimented by Eranga Mapa <>.
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