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import time
from disco.test import TestCase, TestJob
from disco.util import shuffled
def unique_nodename(nodenames, count=0):
nodename = 'missingnode_%s' % count
if nodename not in nodenames:
return nodename
return unique_nodename(nodenames, count + 1)
class ConfigJob(TestJob):
def map(e, params):
yield e, ''
class ConfigTestCase(TestCase):
def checkAnswers(self, job, input):
sorted((str(i), '') for i in input))
def configTest(self, config):
input = range(self.num_workers * 2)
self.disco.config = config
self.job = ConfigJob().run(input=self.test_server.urls(input))
self.checkAnswers(self.job, input)
def serve(self, path):
return path
def setUp(self):
super(ConfigTestCase, self).setUp()
self.config = self.disco.config
def test_changes(self):
if len(self.nodes) < 2:
self.skipTest("Cannot test node changes with < 2 nodes")
local = ['url://%s' % node
for node, max_workers in self.nodes.iteritems()
for x in xrange(max_workers * 2)]
input = shuffled(local + range(self.num_workers))
self.job = ConfigJob().run(input=self.test_server.urls(input))
self.disco.config = self.config[:2]
self.disco.config = self.config[:1]
self.disco.config = self.config
self.checkAnswers(self.job, input)
def test_missing_node(self):
nodenames = set(name for name, workers in self.config)
self.configTest(self.config + [[unique_nodename(nodenames), '1']])
def tearDown(self):
super(ConfigTestCase, self).tearDown()
self.disco.config = self.config
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