A simple script to use EC2 Name tags to connect directly to machines
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ec2ssh.py - quicker SSH access to your instances

ec2ssh.py uses EC2's Name tag on instances to make it easier for you to connect to an instance using its name instead of ID or figuring out its public ip.


usage: ec2ssh.py [-h] [-k AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID] [-s AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY]
[-f KEY_FILE] [-u USER] [-r REGION] instance_name

SSH into an EC2 instance via its Name tag

positional arguments:
instance_name The instance name
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-k AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, --aws_access_key_id AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID
 Your access key Id (can also be set via AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID environment variable)
 Your secret access key (can be set via AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variable)
-f KEY_FILE, --key_file KEY_FILE
 Path to the EC2 certificate file (can be set via EC2_INSTANCE_KEY_FILE environment variable)
-u USER, --user USER
 User name to login with (default: ubuntu)
-r REGION, --region REGION
 The region as specified in AWS API (default: us- east-1)