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Membase is long dead (merged with CouchDB) and no body uses it anymore, least of all on CloudFormation. This is left here for case studies only and for tech archeology.

UPDATE: Read more on this blog post:

Membase CloudFormation Template Generator

Use this to generate CloudFormation ( scripts to create Membase Server ( Clusters in a few clicks. You can also use the template to add more servers to an existing cluster. Use one of the pre-configured existing scripts (membase-pack-X) or use to generate a new template with the number of servers you need.

This script is based on the CouchbaseLabs CloudFormation script located at: I've updated it to support all instance types (including micro) and utilize the max amount of RAM per instance (80% of available RAM).

Script implementation comments:

  • t1.micro instances use 32 bit to better utilize the 613MB available to it.
  • All 32bit instances (t1.micro and m1.small) use EBS since it was easier to implement the generic script this way. This may change in the future.
  • 64bit instances use instance store to maximize performance. You will have to add additional servers and/or update a backup script (read here about Membase backup and restore - This may also change in the future as I may introduce built-in backup to S3
  • There are no monitoring scripts or way other than the built-in Membase console at the moment. This may change in the future with an added CloudWatch script support.

Benefits of using this template over AWS ElastiCache:

  • Can be created on any region
  • Utilize Reserved Instance to significantly lower the cost (around 40%-60% reduction - check out the new reserved instances pricing: - the heavy utilization seems like a perfect fit!)
  • You can resize your cluster with no downtime (thanks to Membase's built in support and rebalancing ability)

Things to do after stack creation:

  • Adjust the security policy (or update the template to reflect that). The current security policy will allow anyone access. Alternatively, you can create a secure bucket (using SASL).
  • If you have created a default bucket you MUST update your security policy since the default security allows everyone access and the default bucket created with this template is a bucket without a password.

About Membase

Membase Server is a high-performance, distributed key-value store. Membase is protocol complient to memcache ( and can provide a drop-in replacement for it with the added benefits of infinite scalability with no downtime and persistency.


Membase CloudFormation template generator



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