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levels of intelligent interaction

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levels of intelligent interaction

i want to drill down a bit on the input parameters, starting from the most basic Primitives, and their Relations:


  • reset (momentary, bang) //is this void*?
  • toggle (boolean state)

more Complex types:

  • slider (float state)
  • selector (int state)
  • combo (enumed state)

<class="code" <cpp class Button { set() // turns on get() // State s;} template<T] class TypedButton<T] { T state; //specializtion on primitives } template<T class State<T { T type; } Reset : Button //returns an object like scopedPtr, resets on dtor Toggle : ButtonState<bool] { set()} }


  • or
  • and

for a system with two buttons R, T, we can define many outcomes

if (R && T)

if (R) set(T)

example of complex behavior:

~ My Water Heater ~

it has twenty four hour clock, in a quarters

so it has nine-ty six toggles

which means 2^96 possible states

there is a on-off toggle, connected

! @d@ #u# SERIALY #m# @b@ !

to a tri-state switch.

it has possibly six configurations, out of them I need three

Which ARE already in the tri-state switch!

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