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CocoaPods is an Objective-C library dependency/package manager. It tries to take away all hard work of maintaining your dependencies.

Its goal is to create a more centralized overview of open-source libraries and unify the way in which we deal with them, like RubyGems does for the Ruby community.

CocoaPods will:

  • Calculate the right set of versions of all of your project’s dependencies. Currently the resolver is very naive and any conflicts will have to be solved by you, the user. This will change in the future.
  • Install dependencies.
  • Set them up to be build as part of a ‘dependency’ static library, which your project links against.

For more in depth information see the wiki, specifically the page about creating a project that uses CocoaPods.

NOTE: At the moment only iOS projects are supported, but this will be fixed in the very near future.

Installing CocoaPods

You’ll need MacRuby. CocoaPods itself installs through RubyGems, the Ruby package manager. Download and install version 0.10 and then perform the following commands:

$ sudo macgem install cocoapods
$ pod setup

The load time can be improved a bit by compiling the Ruby source files:

$ sudo macgem install rubygems-compile
$ sudo macgem compile cocoapods


  • We need specifications for as many libraries as possible, which will help in adoption and finding CocoaPods issues that need to be addressed.

  • There needs to be proper documentation and guides with screenshots, screencasts, blog posts, etcetera.

  • The project is still very young, so there's a lot still on the table. Feel free to create tickets with ideas, feedback, and issues.

  • If you're looking for things to do, start by reading this setup wiki page, then check the tickets and the example specification which contains a lot of ideas we may, or may not, want to support.

I will give out push access to the cocoapods and master spec-repo to anyone that has one) patch accepted.



  • #cocoapods on

Eloy Durán:


These works are available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.