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ehhack is a vim plugin that makes for quick hacking on various languages,
including (currently), C++, Haskell, Java, and Scala.

Install by copying into your ~/.vim directory, or checking out into a separate
directory and adding it into your runtime path in your .vimrc, like so:

  let &runtimepath = "/path/to/checkout," . &runtimepath

You will need the "scratch" vim plugin, which provides the scratch buffer for
the output for ",t".

Key bindings:

  ,t		Compile and run the current quick hack.  If there are compile
  		errors, go to quickfix mode.  If not, run and open a split
		with a scratch buffer containing the run's output (stdout and

  ,d		Compile and debug the current quick hack with gdb after
  		setting a breakpoint on the current line.