Skeleton and Makefile for running Objective-C katas
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This is a Makefile some boilerplate for doing a kata in Objective-C.

To start a kata:

git clone --recursive MyKataName

Another good way is to fork the project on github, then clone the fork. This makes your local clone's origin somewhere to which you can push - useful if your fingers often push before your brain engages.

Add your kata's files to the root of the cloned repository. The Makefile uses some magic shell globbing to pick up the files so that you don't need to add them anywhere. All you need to do to build and run tests is run:


Also, project.vim contains mappings and config for vim. With it, you can use ,xt to build and run tests and drop to quickfix mode if something breaks.

main.m is provided. This file is the only file which will be linked into your kata but not linked into the test bundle, so it should not contain any significant code.

Kiwi is imported as a submodule (this is why you need --recursive) and linked into the testing bundle automatically.