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ios.vim is a plugin for Vim for iOS development. It is inspired mostly by rails.vim.


ios.vim requires a Vim with ruby scripting support built in. You can get one using either the Homebrew or MacPorts package managers. For MacPorts, use:

ports install vim +ruby

For Homebrew:

brew install macvim --override-system-vim

Once you have a good Vim installed, we move merrily along to installing ios.vim itself. If you have no preference, I recommend using pathogen.vim. Once pathogen is installed and configured, you can clone this repository into ~/.vim/bundle like so:

mkdir -p ~/.vim/bundle
cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone

After which, everything should Just Work(tm).

Building Your Project

The :Xbuild command will build the Xcode project in Vim's working directory. If the build is successful, you will see 'OK' in the status line. Otherwise, the command will put you into quickfix mode so you can fix compilation errors.

Similar to clang_complete, a configuration file named .build must be in your project's root directory to be properly built. A build file simply contains switches that are sent to xcodebuild when building a project. For example, a .build file may look like this:

-sdk iphoneos6.0
-configuration Debug

Installing Your Application

The :Xinstall command will install a built application. Please note that fruitstrap is a dependency that must be in your PATH for installing to work. A specific fork of fruitstrap is required. Others may work, but only the one located here has been tested. Currently, installing to the simulator is not supported however adding support is in the pipeline.


replace file in new split in new vertical split in new tab Description
:A, :AE :AS :AV :AT Open alternate file. This will open the corresponding header or implementation file for the current buffer.
:Rspec, :REspec :RSspec :RVspec :RTspec Open corresponding test suite or spec.
:Rimpl, :REimpl :RSimpl :RVimpl :RTimpl Open corresponding implementation file.
:R, :RE :RS :RV :RT Open corresponding file of next type.

Feature Requests (and More)

I use Trello to track development progress. You can vote on new features or watch progress on my Vim for Objective-C Trello board.

Trello does not seem to allow setting a column to be world-writable at the moment. If you'd like to request a feature, ping me on Twitter (@eraserhd) or by e-mail.

Shameless Self-Promotion

I am writing this to help Vimmers in the Apple world, since it is quite convenient for a platform provider like Apple to stick everyone into one little box (oh, just use Xcode, it is what we provide) and perhaps forget that we've been developing some pretty good tools and idioms for building software since around 1973.

If you like this philosophy, I would like to help you. I produce weekly screencasts and charge the small sum of $9 US per month for them. I also make free screencasts and the usual text-style blog posts (also free) from time to time. You can find these at The Objective Vimmer.


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