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Demo for the Magpie Grails Plugin

This is the demo Grails app for the Magpie Grails Plugin; it concerns exchange rates for various currency pairs.

  • You'll first have to create a local Mysql database named 'magpie_plugin_demo', as well as a user called 'magpie', with password 'magpie'.

  • Run the app (grails run-app), then go to /magpie-grails-plugin-demo/quote/list; you very likely won't see any quotes yet.

  • Go to /magpie-grails-plugin-demo/magpieConsole; here you can select any of the Errands, and press the 'Fetch Now' button; the raw financial data will be fetched; you can view it by clicking the link under 'Content Type'.

  • You can create a new Errand if you want - however, you wouldn't see it on the Quote board, as all of the recognized currency pairs already have respective Errands. Why not add one in for

  • To see the Quartz jobs themselves: /magpie-grails-plugin-demo/quartz/list.

  • The Restful API begins here: /magpie-grails-plugin-demo/restfulMagpie; I'd recommend you read the plugin's documentation for more details, although more of the read functions are navigatable.

Hope that you find this to be useful,

Sean Rasmussen