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GeoMundus Conference 2021 - Website Repository

The GeoMundus Conference is a free international conference organized by students of the joint MSc program in Geospatial Technologies. Since 2009, the GeoMundus has been hosted annually alternating between the program’s organizing universities, NOVA IMS (Lisbon, Portugal), WWU (Münster, Germany) and UJI (Castellón de la Plana, Spain).

The conference brings together students, researchers, and professionals from the broader geospatial community for a unique collaborative experience. The aim is to share state of the art scientific research, knowledge, and skills in the fields of Geospatial Technologies, Geoinformatics, and Geosciences.

This repository contains all the code of the website of the 13th GeoMundus Conference, which will be hosted at NOVA IMS by students of the M.Sc. in Geospatial Technologies on November 26 and 27, 2021.


Based on the work of previous editions.