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ewp-rsa-aes-java Library

Java implementation of the ewp-rsa-aes128gcm encryption.

Installation and Documentation

Requires Java 8 SE.

Releases are deployed to Maven Central Repository. You'll simply need to include a proper reference in your build's dependencies. Click the image below for the artifact details.

Maven Central

You can also browse the project's Javadocs here:


Upgrading? Check out the changelog (release notes).

Versioning strategy

We use semantic versioning (MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH) for our release version numbers.

  • Major version is incremented when our changes are likely to break your builds or runtime behavior.

  • Minor version is incremented when new features are added. (Note, that such changes still can break your builds in some rare cases.)

  • Patch version is incremented on bug fixes, documentation updates, etc.