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Provides a Grunt task that downloads translation strings from Transifex into your project using the Transifex API.


Gruntfile.js shows some configuration examples. The plugin is configured by adding a transifex section into the Grunt config:

    transifex: {
      "ios-ready": {
        options: {
          targetDir: "./translations/ios-ready",         // download specified resources / langs only
          resources: ["localizable_enstrings"],
          languages: ["en_US", "fr"],
          filename : "_resource_-_lang_.json",
          templateFn: function(strings) { return ...; }  // customize the output file format (see below)
      "new-admintool": {
        options: {
          targetDir: "./translations/admintool-i18n"     // download all available resources in all languages
          									              // using the default filename layout: _resource_/_lang_.json

You can configure several projects: the transifex task will process each one of them in series.

This configuration enables running the transifex Grunt task on the command line. The following shows a sample of possible usage scenarios:

   grunt transifex:ios-ready
     --> Downloads reviewed & non-reviewed strings for resource 'localizable_enstrings' for languages
        'en_US' and 'fr'
   grunt transifex:ios-ready:reviewed
     --> Same as above, but downloads reviewed strings only
   grunt transifex
     --> Downloads reviewed & non-reviewed strings for all configured Transifex projects
   grunt transifex::reviewed
     --> Same as above, but downloads reviewed strings only

Translated strings will saved into plain JSON if you use the default output configuration:

	"key_welcome": "Bienvenue",
	"key_register": "Enregistrez-vous!"

Transifex credentials

When the plugin runs for the first time, it will prompt the user for a Transifex username and password. It will store this information in a .transifexrc file created in the current directory.

On subsequent executions, the user won't be prompted again. Transifex credentials will be read from .transifexrc

Advanced customization

Using the templateFn hook function in Grunt's transifex configuration section, you can customize the output file format to anything you want.

This function operates on the Transifex strings API� output array.