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Telegram Terminal Application
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tgcli is a Python cli app for Telegram.

Build Coverage
Master Travis (.com) master
Development Travis (.com) development


pip (No auto-update)

Install via pip:

pip install tgcli

tgcli (Auto-update, Arch-based)

Also available as a package in AUR.

# assuming you use yay
yay -S tgcli


A similar project, built on Python, was created by @vysheng, but it has not been updated since 2016 and considered abandoned. This tool is not a fork of the mentioned project, it is built from ground up.


For now, the use case is pretty simple. To send a message:

tgcli bot --token "BotToken" send --receiver "UserID" message "Your message"

You don't need to expose your token as flag. If you set TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN environment variable, you do not need to set --token flag. Just set it before using tgcli:

export TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN="BotToken"

You can get more information by doing:

tgcli bot send --help

Also, this repository uses notification from a private bot, you can see the example Travis configuration here. Private TELEGRAM_BOT_TOKEN and TELEGRAM_RECEIVER environment variables were set.

This application serves a really small purpose for now. It might face breaking changes in the future.


Documentation has an intensive amount of information about how to use tgcli. Refer to the documentation.

coogger logo

Documentation is provided by Coogger. Coogger is an open-source service that provides technical documentations. While it has its own domain, you can also use it as a self-hosted solution.


tgcli is a free (as in beer and speech) software that I have built in my leisure time and been maintaining it. If you like to use it, please consider a small donation.

How do I donate?

I accept donations in:

  • MiliBitcoin (mBTC)
  • Monero (XMR)

You can donate predefined (almost $1) or custom donation by clicking or scanning below.

Predefined (Almost $1) How Much You Wish
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