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Type for Speed - Server
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Type for Speed - Server


npm start

The process will launch a HTTP server at localhost which will serve the following (relative) urls:

  • / - The root folder will serve the game client
  • /admin - The server control panel. This requires authentication.

The following environment variables can be configured:

  • PORT - Listening port. Default 5000.
  • TOS_SERVER_AUTH - HTTP Basic Authentication header to access the server control panel. Default is username = "admin", password = "admin".


npm run build or tsc.

Text generation

Texts for the game are stored in the file /data/texts.json. This file can be regenerated by launching the command npm run generate-texts. This script will scan the /data_sources folder for text (*.txt) files. If you want to know how the text are extracted you can take a look at the source file /src/util/generate-texts.ts.


Nothing special about deployment, you can simply clone this repository on the target machine and npm install && npm build.

Remember to configure your environment variables and also, if you have your own version of the client, make sure to replace the content of the /client folder. Note that this is not mandatory, as you may serve the client code from another host.

Project structure

  • / - project root
    • src - source TypeScript files
    • build - TypeScript compiler output
    • data - Assets
    • data_sources - Resources to generate assets
    • views - EJS views
    • client - Root folder of the client
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