Send a new post and was developed to display the post sent earlier. JSON,GSON, UI Test
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Send News Example Project

Application Icon and Name

ic_launcher.png Send News

Application Version

  • compileSdkVersion 25

  • buildToolsVersion "24.0.2"

  • applicationId "com.streethawk.example"

  • minSdkVersion 16

  • targetSdkVersion 25


Send a new post and was developed to display the post sent earlier.

Application Flow

The Splash Screen is displayed for 2 seconds to the user. Then the New Post Page opens. The user can send a new post from this page with the "SEND" Button: (Filling the Title and Body fields completely).

From this page the user opens the page displaying the previously posted posts with "ALL POST" button. It automatically retrieves the POST list from the server when the page is opened.


Implementation occurs on three screens

  • Splash

  • New Post

  • All Post

  • Splash Screen

This screen was created for the purpose of being checked during application opening and for promotional purposes.


  • New Post Screen

On this screen, users fill in the required fields and send new posts. If the user enters incomplete information on this screen, warning messages are displayed according to the missing area. On this screen, the user can be directed to the "ALL POST" page.


  • All Post Screen

On this screen, users see previously posted POSTs in a list.


Error Tracking

  • When the user first visits the New Post Posting page, an internet status check is performed and an informing message is given if there is no connection.

  • When the user first visits the page where the posted POSTs are displayed, the internet status is checked and an informing message is given if there is no connection.

  • The user is generally warned that if there is an internet connection problem in the case of a web service query, the user is not connected to the internet without querying.

  • If the user has an error after the web service question, he is warned that an error has occurred.

  • If an error occurs while displaying the result from the user web service. It is warned that an error has occurred.


  • Internet Connection
  • Internet Connection Status Check

Open Source Libraries

Used for Alert Messages

compile('') { exclude group: '', module: 'support-v4' }

Used for Loading at Opening

compile ''

Used for WebService Query

compile 'com.mcxiaoke.volley:library:1.0.19'

Used for Web Service responses (JSON)

compile ''

Used for EditText Validation.


Crash test version of the application and follow-up were used for distribution.

compile ''

  • Test

androidTestCompile('', { exclude group: '', module: 'support-annotations' })

testCompile 'junit:junit:4.12'

Application Demo Link

You can download and test the application "debug" version in the following address.

HockeyAppLink - Demo Version

Note: All crashes that may occur are monitored by this SDK.

Note2: This SDK will download the application from the specified link, then upload the new version to the site and send it to the user for automatic update informing.

Web Services

JSON service.

  • Send New Post

    Request Type POST


Example Request:

    "title": "title Text",
    "body": "body Text"

Example Response:

    "id": 101
  • All Post

    Request Type GET


Example Response:


    "userId": 1,
    "id": 1,
    "title": "title Text 1",
    "body": "body Text1"
    "userId": 1,
    "id": 2,
    "title": "Title Text2",
    "body": "body Text2"

Test Case

  • SendNewPostTest
  • ShowPostListTest

Note: Run tests on the actual android device (android version> = 5.0). Android Device Version >= 5.0 (Since it has a DataBinding structure.)

Version Control

Application source codes are kept on BitBucket and are developed with git. Commit history is available. Only master branch is working.