Simple Python interface for HTTP(s) requests over Tor
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A simple Python interface for HTTP(s) requests over Tor.

from torrequest import TorRequest

with TorRequest() as tr:
  response = tr.get('')
  print(response.text)  # not your IP address

It's basically a wrapper around Stem and Requests libraries.


You need Tor. It's available via Homebrew.

brew install tor

After installation, you may want to configure Tor by creating a .torrc file in your $HOME directory. More information is available on Tor documentation.


After installing dependencies, you can install torrequest via PyPI:

pip install torrequest


from torrequest import TorRequest

# Choose a proxy port, a control port, and a password. 
# Defaults are 9050, 9051, and None respectively. 
# If there is already a Tor process listening the specified 
# ports, TorRequest will use that one. 
# Otherwise, it will create a new Tor process, 
# and terminate it at the end.
with TorRequest(proxy_port=9050, ctrl_port=9051, password=None) as tr:

  # Specify HTTP verb and url.
  resp = tr.get('')

  # Send data. Use basic authentication.
  resp ='', 
    data={'foo': 'bar'}, auth=('user', 'pass'))'

  # Change your Tor circuit,
  # and likely your observed IP address.

  # TorRequest object also exposes the underlying Stem controller 
  # and Requests session objects for more flexibility.

  print(type(tr.ctrl))            # a stem.control.Controller object
  tr.ctrl.signal('CLEARDNSCACHE') # see Stem docs for the full API

  print(type(tr.session))         # a requests.Session object
  c = cookielib.CookieJar()
  tr.session.cookies.update(c)    # see Requests docs for the full API