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Standalone Spring Cloud Config Server

This repository contains an example used in this blog post.

The examples consists of one application which connects to Zookeeper. The sample contains a docker-compose.yml which will launch Zookeeper with Exhibitor as one docker container.

In order to start the container, just run docker-compose up -d. Once the container is up and running, you can start your application, which will use the connect string localhost:2181 to connect to Zookeeper. If you want to play around with the configuration, Exhibitor is accessible at http://localhost:8400/exhibitor/v1/ui/index.html.

All the endpoints return two runtime properties, but each endpoint loads the configuration in a different way. The response looks as follows:

  "firstProperty": "mapped to sample.firstProperty", 
  "secondProperty": "mapped to sample.secondProperty" 

The endpoints available are:

  • http://localhost:{port}/configuration-properties: This endpoints returns the configuration loaded with @ConfigurationProperties annotation.
  • http://localhost:{port}/annotated-properties: This endpoints returns the configuration loaded with @Value annotations on each field.
  • http://localhost:{port}/refreshed-annotated-properties: This endpoints returns the configuration loaded with @Value annotations on each field, but declaring the bean with @RefreshScope.
  • http://localhost:{port}/environment-properties: This endpoints returns the configuration loaded by querying the Environment.

The reason to have these different endpoints is because it's interesting to see what happens when you change the Zookeeper configuration...and looking at which endpoints return updated configuration and which ones don't.