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New Dependencies Proposal in 10 Easy (?) Steps

by Andy and Alex

  • rename Externals to Dependencies
  • rename external class method to depends_on
  • deprecate :script and :style
  • be smart about type -- rules follow:

(1) depends_on "" guesses "js" type links to

(5) depends_on :css, ".foo {color: chartreuse;}" can't guess type, so it must be specified embeds .foo {color: chartreuse;}

(6) depends_on "/scripts/bar.js" guesses "js" type links to

Or if you want all or most of your paths to become embedded, switch the global default to true:

(10) Erector::Widget.embed_dependencies = true

depends_on "/scripts/bar.js"
embeds contents of ROOT/public/bar.js: <script type="text/javascript">/* bar.js is the best! */...</script>

depends_on "/scripts/foo.js", :embed => false  # overrides the new default -- back to linking
links to <script src="/scripts/foo.js" />

Finally, if you want to evaluate your embedded code through a ruby string interpolation, use :interpolate => true. (We may want to replace this with ERB someday.)

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