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# 0.9 release
* comment on
* comment on
* announce on
* Pivotal Blabs
* ruby-talk
* ruby-6
# Web Site
* add "fork me on github" badge
* make chunky Erector logo png transparent
* give rdoc pages the web site header
* maybe redesign a la
# Documentation
* caching
* externals (rename extras)
* rails
* use braces over do..end
* move docs to github pages (?)
# Technical
* use rvm to test locally under 1.8.6/1.8.7
* change all instance vars to start with @_
* depends_on FooWidget, BarWidget (add all of these widgets' dependencies)
* unify :script and :js, :style and :css
* rename 'css' convenience method to 'css_link' method, or otherwise remove confusion between inline and linked css
* rename External to Extra since it's more descriptive
* make Extras just be more like a regular widget somehow
* make render switch inside ExternalRenderer
class FooWidget < Widget
depends_on "jquery.js", :render => :link
depends_on "foo.js"
depends_on "bar.js"
ExternalRenderer.default_render = :embed
* pluggable renderer e.g.
class JavaScriptRenderer < Widget
def content
if @external.options[:render] == :embed
javascript @external.options do
rawtext @external.text
script({:type => "text/javascript", :src => @external.text}.merge(@external.options))
ExternalRenderer.renderer_for(:js, JavaScriptRenderer)
* dot-class and bang-id
* rename Cache to WidgetCache
* use Moneta for WidgetCache
* should give us couchdb, memcache, etc. caching
* better sass support (via extras)
* haml support
* XML widget
* dynamic widget (use method_missing so unknown messages become tags)
* pass multiple args to an element method, including promises so they can be rewound and rerendered later. Merge this with "join" method.
* deprecate "join" since "text" now takes an array
* alias "text" to "emit"?
* (some XML docs have a "Text" element)
* work with Sprockets
* work with Rails 3.1
* rename _render to emit?
* split up html_spec.rb into different specs per mixin
* scss, js, jquery, sass, css, style ... clarify inline vs. link semantics, also file path/root (web vs. filesystem)