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= Read Me
by James Edward Gray II
== Description
Welcome to HighLine.
HighLine was designed to ease the tedious tasks of doing console input and
output with low-level methods like gets() and puts(). HighLine provides a
robust system for requesting data from a user, without needing to code all the
error checking and validation rules and without needing to convert the typed
Strings into what your program really needs. Just tell HighLine what you're
after, and let it do all the work.
== Documentation
See HighLine and HighLine::Question for documentation.
== Examples
Basic usage:
ask("Company? ") { |q| q.default = "none" }
ask("Age? ", Integer) { |q| = 0..105 }
ask("Name? (last, first) ") { |q| q.validate = /\A\w+, ?\w+\Z/ }
Type conversion for answers:
ask("Birthday? ", Date)
ask("Interests? (comma sep list) ", lambda { |str| str.split(/,\s*/) })
Reading passwords:
ask("Enter your password: ") { |q| q.echo = false }
ask("Enter your password: ") { |q| q.echo = "x" }
ERb based output (with HighLine's ANSI color tools):
say("This should be <%= color('bold', BOLD) %>!")
choose do |menu|
menu.prompt = "Please choose your favorite programming language? "
menu.choice(:ruby) { say("Good choice!") }
menu.choices(:python, :perl) { say("Not from around here, are you?") }
For more examples see the examples/ directory of this project.
== Installing
See the INSTALL file for instructions.
== Questions and/or Comments
Feel free to email {James Edward Gray II}[] or
{Gregory Brown}[] with any questions.
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