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=== 3.7 / ??
* Minor enhancements
* New directive :category: which allows methods to be grouped into sections
more cleanly. See RDoc::Markup for details.
* Document-class for RDoc::Parser::C now supports Foo::CONST as well as
* ri method output is now a comma-separated list when displayed
interactively. Pull Request #39 by Benoit Daloze.
* Bug fixes
* RDoc::Parser::C no longer creates classes when processing aliases.
* ri no longer crashes when attempting to complete a plain [.
* RDoc::Text#strip_stars handles Document-method for methods with =, ! and ?
* RDoc::Parser::C now allows .cpp files to be used with the "in" comment on
rb_define_method. Bug #35 by Hanmac.
* RDoc::Parser::Ruby no longer eats content when =begin/=end documentation
blocks are followed by a documentable item. Issue #41 by mfn.
* RDoc::Markup::Formatter and subclasses now allow an optional +markup+
parameter for adding custom markup. The example in
RDoc::Markup::Formatter will now work. Issue #38 by tsilen.
* RDoc::Parser::C can now distinguish between class methods and instance
methods in Document-method. Issue #36 by Vincent Batts.
=== 3.6.1 / 2011-05-15
* Bug fixes
* Fix infinite loop created when re-encountering BasicObject.
* RDoc::Context#each_ancestor is now provided for duck-typing.
* rb_path2class() can now be used to discover the parent class in
=== 3.6 / 2011-05-13
* Major Enhancements
* Interactive ri is now the default when no names are given.
* Minor Enhancements
* RDoc::RDoc#generate was added to allow multiple generators to be used with
a set of parsed file info.
* RDoc::Options#finish can be called multiple times now.
* `ri -i` only shows one level of namespace when completing class names.
* Added `ri --list` for explicit listing. `ri -l F G` will list all classes
or modules starting with F or G
* Bug fixes
* Remove windows-specific test for test_check_files, it is too hard to do.
Ruby commit r30811 by Usaku Nakamura.
* Remove unnecessary (and wrong) platform-dependent hacks. Ruby commit
r30829 by Usaku Nakamura.
* Completing via Array#[ in `ri -i` no longer crashes. Ruby Bug #3167
* Completing IO::o in `ri -i` now returns results. Ruby Bug #3167
* RDoc::Parser::C ignores prototypes better. Pull Request #34 by Pete
* private_class_method and public_class_method are now parsed correctly for
inherited methods. Issue #16 by gitsucks.
* The doc directive now forces documentation even when the method is marked
private or protected.
=== 3.5.3 / 2010-02-06
* Bug fixes
* When including a file lossily force-transcode it to the output encoding
instead of crashing to preserve as much content as possible. Ruby Bug
#4376 by Yui NARUSE.
* Work around inconsistent encoding result from String#sub!, String#gsub!.
Related to Ruby Bug #4376.
* Work around inconsistent encoding result from String#[]=. Related to Ruby
Bug #4376.
* When Darkfish fails the file being generated is now reported.
=== 3.5.2 / 2010-02-04
* Deprecations
* RDoc::Context::Section#sequence is now deprecated. Use
RDoc::Context::Section#aref instead.
* Bug fixes
* Fixed syntax highlighting CSS class generation. Reported by Daniel
* Fixed ri for methods with aliases. Pull Request #15 by Sven Riedel.
* Added windows-specific test for test_check_files.
* Darkfish now supports sections. Template and generator author see
RDoc::Context#each_section to add section support. RubyForge Bug #26883
by Jeff Hodges.
* Fixed post-install message for Ruby 1.9.2 users.
* Set required ruby version to >= 1.8.7.
=== 3.5.1 / 2010-01-30
* Bug fixes
* Fixed some typos. Pull request #13 by R.T. Lechow.
* Ensure an RDoc::Stats is created in #parse_files. Fixes documentation for
railties which has no files. Reported by Aaron Patterson
=== 3.5 / 2010-01-29
* Minor enhancements
* RDoc::Parser::C looks for rb_scan_args and fills in RDoc::AnyMethod#params
appropriately. This may provide useful information if the author did not
provide a call-seq.
* RDoc::Parser::C now records the function name for methods implemented in
* RDoc now records file and byte offset information for methods.
* Bug fixes
* Locations of module aliases are now recorded.
* RDoc::Parser::C finds method bodies better now.
* Fixed further locations where output encoding was not preserved. Bug #11
by Vít Ondruch, RubyForge bug #28791 by Dzmitry Prakapenka.
* Fixed display of numeric lists on the index page and file pages. Bug #12
by tobijk.
* Skip TestRDocOptions#test_check_files on windows until a windows-specific
test can be created. RubyForge bug #28821 by Usaku Nakamura.
* Fixed line-height of headings in method and alias descriptions. RubyForge
Bug #2770 by Adam Avilla
* Relaxed RDoc::Parser::Ruby#remove_private_comments to consume more dashes
as older versions once did. Bug #7 by Claus Folke Brobak.
=== 3.4 / 2010-01-06
* Minor enhancements
* RDoc::RDoc#document may now be called with an RDoc::Options instance.
* Bug fixes
* Added skips to Encoding tests running on 1.8.
* Fixed warnings
=== 3.3 / 2010-01-03
* Minor enhancements
* The coverage report can now report undocumented method parameters
including methods defined in C.
<kbd>rdoc -C</kbd> gives a standard report, <kbd>rdoc -C1</kbd> includes
method parameters. Method parameters are considered documented if they're
marked-up with <tt>+</tt>, <tt><code></tt> or <code><tt></code>.
* The C parser now uses <tt>*args</tt> instead of <tt>...</tt> if no
<tt>call-seq</tt> was provided to give names to the arguments.
* Bug fixes
* The C parser now records the file location of aliases, attributes,
constants and methods allowing -C to work on C files.
* Darkfish now handles dots in call-seq allowing <tt>ary.insert(index,
obj...)</tt> to display correctly. Patch #6 by KUBO Takehiro.
* Improved processing of meta-programmed methods when followed by unparseable
syntax. RubyForge patch #28653 by Aidan Cully.
* rdoc now touches the flag file when it create the output directory.
Prevents the "isn't an RDoc directory" error if rdoc crashes.
* RDoc now properly converts to the expected output encoding. RubyForge bug
#28791 by Dzmitry Prakapenka.
* Restored parsing of block comments. RubyForge bug #28668 by Stefano Crocco.
* Metaprogrammed methods defined with blocks no longer confuse the ruby
parser. RubyForge bug #28370 by Erik Hollensbe.
* ri no longer displays all methods in the inheritance chain.
=== 3.2 / 2010-12-29
* Minor enhancements
* RDoc generator authors may now suppress updating the output dir (creating
a created.rid file) by setting RDoc::Options#update_output_dir to false.
* RDoc::Task has been refactored to ease creating subclasses.
* Bug fixes
* RDoc's gitignore now ignores .DS_Store files. Pull Request #3 by Shane
=== 3.1 / 2010-12-28
RDoc has moved to github. Releases after 3.1 reference github unless
otherwise noted.
* Minor enhancements
* RDoc::Task now features a #generator option to choose an alternate
generator. Pull Request #2 by Erik Hollensbe.
* Enhanced test for RDoc::Parser::binary? RubyForge patch #28538 by Eito
* Generator list in --help is no longer static. Generator description comes
from the generator's DESCRIPTION constant.
* Documentation summary is now displayed with dynamic width.
* Bug fixes
* Strip encoding comment from input to avoid overriding file comment.
RubyForge Bug #22113 by James Gray.
* Restore call-seq parsing behavior when the call-seq is the only comment.
RubyForge Bug #26290 by Sylvain Joyeux.
* Coverage report no longer crashes for constant aliases. Pull Request #1
by Andy Lindeman.
* RDoc no longer loses ghost methods when followed by certain tokens.
RubyForge bug #27793 by Aaron Patterson.
* RDoc no longer crashes in ri if HOME is not set. Ruby Bug #4202 by
Shyouhei Urabe.
* ri no longer crashes with HTML format output. RubyForge bug #28675 by
* RDoc::Markup::ToHtml#gen_url now initializes #from_path to ''.
Additionally, #from_path is now settable. RubyForge bug #27838 by Claus
Folke Brobak.
* Comments in the C parser are now normalized before being combined.
RubyForge patch #28646 by Sven Herzberg.
* RDoc::Parser::C no longer requires a comment and finds more method bodies.
RubyForge patch #28643 by Sven Herzberg.
* Darkfish now has a "Class/Module Index" instead of a "Class Index".
RubyForge patch #28364 by James Tucker.
* RDoc::Parser::Ruby now parses negative numbers correctly. RubyForge patch
#28544 by Eito Katagiri.
=== 3.0.1 / 2010-12-19
* Bug fix
* RDoc no longer has a Perl parser.
=== 3.0 / 2010-12-19
Special thanks to Thierry Lambert for massive improvements to RDoc.
* Major enhancements
* Ruby 1.8.6 is no longer supported by RDoc.
* RDoc now converts input files to a single encoding specified by
<tt>--encoding</tt>. See RDoc::RDoc and RDoc::Options#encoding.
<tt>--encoding</tt> is now preferred over <tt>--charset</tt>
* RDoc now supports a <tt>--coverage-report</tt> flag (also <tt>-C</tt> and
<tt>--dcov</tt>) that outputs a report on items lacking documentation.
* Templates (<tt>rdoc -T</tt>) are now checked for existence in
RDoc::Options. Generator authors can now use RDoc::Options#template_dir
which is the full path to the template directory.
* Added support for class aliases. Patch by Thierry Lambert.
* Improved merging of classes and modules across multiple files including
more accurate documentation statistics. Patch by Thierry Lambert.
* Improved handling of method aliases. Patch by Thierry Lambert.
* Improved handling of visibility of RDoc code objects. Patch by Thierry
* RDoc::Attr#type is now RDoc::Attr#definition. Patch by Thierry Lambert.
* Removed TimeConstantMethods
* RDoc now calls ::new instead of ::for on generators.
* Minor enhancements
* Added rdoc arguments <tt>--dry-run</tt>, <tt>--all</tt>,
<tt>--visibility</tt>, <tt>--force-output</tt>, <tt>--hyperlink-all</tt>.
Patch by Thierry Lambert.
* RDoc::Markup::FormatterTestCase has been expanded. Patch by Thierry
* RDoc::Markup::TextFormatterTestCase has been extracted from RDoc tests.
Patch by Thierry Lambert.
* Various RDoc::Parser::Ruby enhancements. Patch by Thierry Lambert.
* Various RDoc::Markup::Parser enhancements. Patch by Thierry Lambert.
* RDoc::Parser::binary? is more robust now that it uses Encoding.
* Deprecated rdoc arguments are now explicitly mentioned in rdoc command
output. Patch by Thierry Lambert.
* Constant values are formatted more accurately. Patch by Thierry Lambert.
* Enhanced call-seq parsing in RDoc::Parser::C. Patch by Thierry Lambert.
* RDoc no longer uses kw, cmt, re or str classes for embedded source code
snippets. Patch by Thierry Lambert.
* RDoc directives may now be escaped with a leading '\\'. Patch by Thierry
* RDoc note lists (<tt>label::</tt>) now generate a table with class
"rdoc-list". Patch by Thierry Lambert.
* RDoc markup documentation has been moved to RDoc::Markup including notes
on how to document source code.
* An RDoc::Require is now always listed at the file level. Patch by Thierry
* RDoc::CodeObjects now know which file they were defined in.
* RDoc::Options calls ::setup_options on the generator class specified by
<tt>--format</tt>. See RDoc::Options::setup_generator.
* rdoc gives an error when multiple formats are given.
* Files with erb inside will no longer trip RDoc::Parser::binary?
* Last <tt>--title</tt> wins. Patch by Thierry Lambert.
* Better block params handling. Patch by Thierry Lambert.
* Moved rdoc/tokenstream.rb to rdoc/token_stream.rb.
* Moved rdoc/markup/preprocess.rb to rdoc/markup/pre_process.rb.
* Removed "':' not followed by operator or identifier" warning for new Hash
* rb_attr() is now supported for attributes.
* RDoc::Parser::C now supports yields, doc, and args directives like
* Moved RDoc::Parser::PerlPOD to the rdoc-perl_pod gem.
* Bug fixes
* RDoc::Generator tests no longer require any installed RDoc on Ruby 1.9
* Load existing cache before generating ri. Ruby r27749 by NAKAMURA Usaku.
* RDoc now handles BOM. Ruby r28062 by Nobuyoshi Nakada.
* Use proper XML encoding for darkfish classpage. Ruby r28083 by NARUSE,
* Fix ri output when special characters are inside html tags. Patch by Tomo
Kazahaya, Ruby Bug #3512.
* Don't bother checking if the pager exists, it's already done. Ruby r28842
by NAKAMURA Usaku.
* RDoc::Parser::Ruby now ignores non-constant-named singleton classes. Ruby
r29140 by Nobuyoshi Nakada. Ruby Bug #3759.
* RDoc::Parser::Ruby call args no longer include assignment. Ruby r29141 by
Nobuyoshi Nakada. Ruby Bug #3759
* Handle $HOME being unset in ri. Ruby r29272 by Nobuyoshi Nakada.
* uniq ancestors and modules too. Ruby r29312 by Nobuyoshi Nakada.
* RDoc now knows about Encoding by default. Ruby r29356 by Nobuyoshi
* ri now defaults to the backspace formatter when piped. Use RI environment
variable or options to override. Ruby r28455 by Yusuke Endoh.
* __send__ and friends no longer get their underscores removed. Patch by
Thierry Lambert.
* The C parser now makes new public when promoting initialize.
* Fix crash in #markup_code for TkUnknownChar.
* Fix crash in RDoc::Parser::C when aliasing methods with Regexp special
* Fix crash when various operators are used as a name as in
<tt>alias * compose</tt>.
* Fix warning with some dynamic use of <tt>attr_*</tt>
* Methods added to true, false and nil are now documented.
* Remove warning for methods defined on globals.
=== 2.5.11 / 2010-08-20
* Minor Enhancements
* Alias comments are now discovered by the C parser. Reported by Jeremy
* Removed --all option which is unused in RDoc. Use the nodoc or
stopdoc/startdoc directives to suppress documentation instead.
=== 2.5.10 / 2010-08-17
* Minor Enhancements
* Support rb_singleton_class(). Reported by Jeremy Evans.
* Support rb_define_private_method() on rb_singleton_class(). Reported by
Jeremy Evans.
* Bug Fixes
* Treat non-ASCII RDoc files as text. Bug #28391 by Kouhei Sutou.
* Fix potential test failures due to ivar collision. Bug #28390 by Kouhei
* Added duck-typed #aref for RDoc::Attr to RDoc::AnyMethod. Bug #28375 by
Erik Hollensbe
* Fixed method references in HTML output when show_hash is false.
* Fixed comments with '.' in call-seq in C sources. Reported by Jeremy
* RDoc now understands singleton aliases. Reported by Jeremy Evans.
=== 2.5.9 / 2010-07-06
* Bug Fixes
* Look up pager correctly.
* Fixed handling of bullets in verbatim sections. Partial patch by
Juha-Jarmo Heinonen.
=== 2.5.8 / 2010-04-27
RDoc 2.5 did not save method parameters, so you should upgrade your rdoc-data
gem to a version >= 2.5.3.
To have ri data for core and stdlib you'll need to:
gem install rdoc-data
then run:
rdoc-data --install
To have ri data for you gems you'll also need to run:
gem rdoc --all --overwrite
If you don't want to rebuild the rdoc for `gem server`, add --no-rdoc.
* Bug Fixes
* ri no longer complains about nonexistent pagers.
* Fixed failing test
=== 2.5.7 / 2010-04-22
* Minor Enhancements
* Unrecognized RDoc directives can now be registered by a plugin for
handling. See RDoc::Markup::PreProcess.
* Added RDoc::Markup::Raw to allow other markup engines to dump raw content
into RDoc.
* Bug Fixes
* rdoc -p no longer means --pipe if files are also given.
* RDoc now knows about BasicObject by default. Ruby Bug #1318 by Ambrus Zsbán
=== 2.5.6 / 2010-04-22
* Minor Enhancements
* Unrecognized RDoc directives are added as metadata to the object they get
attached to.
# :my_new_directive: my cool value
Results in a 'my_new_directive' metadata key with value 'my cool value' on
the RDoc::CodeObject it is for
* Bug Fixes
* RDoc no longer prints out "invalid options:" when there were no invalid
* Fixed link size on Darkfish file pages
=== 2.5.5 / 2010-04-19
* 1 Minor Enhancement
* Use #binread in RDoc::Markup::PreProcess. Patch from ruby trunk.
* 3 Bug Fixes
* Fixed indentation of method-description lists in Darkfish. Bug #28081 by
Theresa Dwinnell.
* Fixed loading RDoc::AnyMethod aliases to no longer infinitely loop. Bug
#28107 by Sven Riedel
* Fixed handling of ignored invalid options to continue after the invalid
=== 2.5.4 / 2010-04-18
* 2 Minor Enhancements
* Methods will now be cross-referenced when preceeded with ::. Ruby Bug
#3169 by Marc-Andre Lafortune.
* Methods now have human readable fragment identifiers for HTML output.
(#method-i-gsub vs #M000005). Ruby Bug #3023 by Marc-Andre Lafortune.
* 1 Bug Fixes
* RDoc::Parser::Ruby now handles <code>while begin a; b end # ...</code>.
Ruby Bug #3160 by Yusuke Endoh.
=== 2.5.3 / 2010-04-10
* 1 Minor Enhancement
* RDoc::Parser::Simple and the include directive remove coding: comment from
first line
* 2 Bug Fixes
* Fixed loading of created.rid when regenerating documentation. Ruby bug
#3121 by Yusuke Endoh.
* Compare times as Integers as created.rid doesn't store fractional times.
=== 2.5.2 / 2010-04-09
* 1 Minor Enhancement
* Imported various changes by Nobu from ruby trunk.
* 2 Bug Fixes
* RDoc parses files without extensions as text files again.
* RDoc::Parser::Ruby parses %{ strings correctly again.
=== 2.5.1 / 2010-04-06
* 1 Minor Enhancement
* RDoc::Parser::C now supports the include directive for classes and
* 6 Bug Fixes
* RDoc::AnyMethod params now get saved in ri data.
* ri now displays method arguments correctly.
* RDoc::Markup::Parser allows no space between = and header text like rdoc
2.4 and earlier.
* RDoc::Parser::C's "in" directive now looks in the current directory.
* RDoc::Task's rerdoc task no longer deletes the doc directory twice.
* rdoc --force-update now works correctly. Patch by Nobu Nokada
=== 2.5 / 2010-03-31
* 9 Major Enhancements
* Darkfish now has a "Home" button
* ri no longer displays the value of a constant. There's no easy way to
make them presentable. Use irb or ruby -e instead. Ruby Bug #549.
* New ri data format now uses Marshal and pre-builds caches
* No support for old ri data format, too hard to maintain
* To upgrade your core ri documentation, install the rdoc-data gem and run
* RDoc now displays how well you've documented your library
* New recursive-descent parser for RDoc::Markup. See RDoc::Markup::Parser
* Updated ruby_lex and ruby_token
* Removed threading support, RDoc is not thread-safe
* Removed many unsupported options to rdoc
* Future versions of RDoc will not support Ruby 1.8.6. Bugs filed for
1.8.6-only issues will be (largely) rejected.
* 17 Minor Enhancements
* Source Parsing
* RDoc now supports module aliasing via constant assignment.
* RDoc now tracks superclasses correctly. Fixes File < IO for core docs.
* RDoc now ignores methods inside methods.
* RDoc now ignores Marshal and other binray files.
* Removed "Skipping require of dynamic string" warning.
* C parser now handles Document-method better. Bug #27329.
* API enhancements for writing parsers like the Ruby parser, see
* ri
* Uses pager over less and more for Debian. Ruby Bug #1171.
* ri will use the RI_PAGER environment variable to find a pager.
* ri data generator now supports SIGINFO (^T)
* When rdoc is in debug mode, ^C now prints a backtrace
* RDoc::Markup::AttributeManager no longer uses global state.
* RDoc::RDoc no longer passes around options. Patch #27167.
* Darkfish won't generate a file if its template is missing. Patch #25857.
* Improved some wording for the RDoc main page. Patch #27264, #27268.
* Removed diagram generation support (to return in the future).
* Removed external support for RDoc::Task.
* 12 Bug Fixes
* The :attr: directives now use the name given to create an attribute. See
* Fix crossrefs on paths with '-'. Ruby Bug #883.
* Fix ruby parser for alias with = in the name. Bug #27522.
* Images are no longer executable. Bug #27156.
* --op is no longer overridden by --ri. Bug #27054.
* :method: now works when at the end of a class. Bug #26910.
* Preserve elipsis from call-seq in Darkfish. Patch #26974.
* Emacs-style <tt>coding:</tt> is handled properly. Patch #27388.
* RDoc::RubyLex now parses UTF-8 identifiers. Bug #26946, #26947.
* Fixed namespace lookup rules. Bug #26161.
* Worked around bug in Selenium where they hide a .jar in a .txt file.
Filed Selenium bug #27789.
* Alias comments are no longer hidden. Reported by Adam Avilla.
=== 2.4.3 / 2009-04-01
* 2 Bug Fixes
* Corrected patch for file links
* Corrected display of file popup
=== 2.4.2 / 2009-03-25
* 2 Minor Enhancements
* Added --pipe for turning RDoc on stdin into HTML
* Added rdoc/task.rb containing a replacement for rake/rdoctask.rb. Use
RDoc::Task now instead of Rake::RDocTask.
* 10 Bug Fixes
* Writing the ri cache file to the proper directory. Bug #24459 by Lars
* Possible fix for Dir::[] and Pathname interaction on 1.9. Bug #24650 by
* Fixed scanning constants for if/end, etc. pairs. Bug #24609 by Ryan
* Fixed private methods in the C parser. Bug #24599 by Aaron Patterson.
* Fixed display of markup on RDoc main page. Bug #24168 by rhubarb.
* Fixed display of \\ character in documentation proceeding words.
Bug #22112 by James Gray. See RDoc for details.
* Fixed parsing and display of arg params for some corner cases. Bug #21113
by Csiszár Attila.
* Fixed links in Files box. Patch #24403 by Eric Wong.
* Toplevel methods now appear in Object. Bug #22677 by Ryan Davis.
* Added back --promiscuous which didn't do anything you cared about. Why
did you enable it? Nobody looked at that page! Oh, it warns, too.
=== 2.4.1 / 2009-02-26
* 1 Minor Enhancements
* Added :attr:, :attr_reader:, :attr_writer:, :attr_accessor: directives.
Replaces --accessor. See RDoc::Parser::Ruby for details.
* 3 Bug Fixes
* Don't complain when exiting normally. Bug by Matt Neuburg.
* Restore --inline-source that warns
* Fixed links to files in Darkfish output
=== 2.4.0 / 2009-02-24
* 9 Minor Enhancements
* `ri -f html` is now XHTML-happy
* Clarified RDoc::Markup link syntax. Bug #23517 by Eric Armstrong.
* Number of threads to parse with is now configurable
* Darkfish can now use alternate templates from $LOAD_PATH via -T
* Removed F95 parser in favor of the rdoc-f95 gem
* Moved HTML and XML generators to unmaintained
* No gem will be provided as it's too difficult to make them work
* Removed options --one-file, --style=, --inline-source, --promiscuous,
* Removed support for --accessor, use regular documentation or
the method directive instead. See RDoc::Parser::Ruby
* Removed --ri-system as it is unused by Ruby's makefiles
* Added method list to index.html
* 6 Bug Fixes
* nodoc'd classes no longer appear in the index. Bug #23751 by Clifford
* Fix 1.9 compatibility issues. Bug #23815 by paddor.
* Darkfish now respects --charset
* RDoc no longer attempts to be lazy when building HTML. This is a
workaround. Bug #23893 by Stefano Crocco.
* RDoc doesn't crash with def (blah).foo() end
* RDoc doesn't crash with #define functions
=== 2.3.0 / 2009-01-28
* 3 Major Enhancements
* Michael Granger's Darkfish generator is now the default for HTML output
* Various rdoc generation speedups by Hongli Lai. Patches #22555, #22556,
#22557, #22562, #22565.
* rdoc/discover.rb files are loaded automatically from installed gems
* 8 Minor Enhancements
* Added a space after the commas in ri class method lists. RubyForge
enhancement #22182.
* Improved ri --interactive
* Generators can now override generated file locations
* Moved unmaintained CHM generator to it's own package
* Moved unmaintained extra HTML templates to their own package
* Removed experimental texinfo generator
* Converted to minitest
* Known classes and modules list outputs once per line now for grep
* 11 Bug Fixes
* Fix missing superclass in ri output
* Fix an RDoc crash when told to parse an empty file
* Ignore nonexistent files instead of crashing
* .txt and .rdoc files are always considered text. Patch #22897 by Aaron
* When merging ri data with a nonexistant directory, RDoc no longer crashes
* Fix visibility of methods in XML output. Issue by Yehuda Katz.
* Fixed relative link generation
* Fix crash, RDoc now ignores comments above local variable assignments in
* RDoc now only accepts adjacent comments for rb_define_module and
* C file RDoc is no longer included in token stream
* Scan all gem paths to match gem name for ri output
=== 2.2.1 / 2008-09-24
This version provides some minor fixes and enhancements to 2.2.0 intended
to polish RDoc for Ruby 1.9.1.
* 3 Minor Enhancements
* Support for parsing RDoc from SWIG. Ruby patch #10742 by Gonzalo
Garramuno, #13993 by Steven Jenkins.
* Simple support for Perl POD documentation. Patch by Hugh Sasse.
* Changed the default character set of RDoc's output from iso-8859-1 to
* 9 Bug Fixes
* Explicitly set the html template's text color, so that the generated
documentation will display correctly on browsers with custom text and
background color settings (patch by Luther Thompson).
* Ensure that RDoc correctly will associate an alias and a method, even
if it encounters the alias first because the alias lives in a different
* Fix the parsing of multiline constants (patch by Chris Alfeld and
Joel VanderWerf)
* Make --exclude usuable. Ruby patch #11671 by Trans.
* Detect inline C functions. Ruby Bug #11993 by Florian Frank.
* Fix an issue in which RDoc might not document a class'
superclass correctly if the class was defined in multiple files and
depending on the order in which RDoc processed the files. This should
ensure that the child class -> parent class relationship is correct in
ri documentation, allowing ri to lookup inherited methods (i.e.,
* Stop ri from crashing when it looks for a completely bogus method (i.e.,
File#reada). Now, ri exits with a helpful error message.
* Fixed missing display of constant values in ri.
* Fixed display of constants in ri's html output.
=== 2.2.0 / 2008-09-19
This version includes some significant enhancements to ri. See RI.txt for
documentation about ri.
* 5 Major Enhancements
* More extensive unit tests (special thanks to Chris Lowis for contributing
a test).
* Made ri twice as fast for the most common use case of displaying
information for a class or a fully-qualified method
(i.e., ri Array#flatten, after ri has created a cache the first time that
it runs).
* Made ri many times faster when searching for an unqualified method (i.e.,
ri read, again after the first such search has populated ri's cache)
* Changed ri to do regular expression searches for unqualified methods;
now, a regular expression for a method can be passed to ri on the
* Added an interactive mode to ri (patch by Daniel Choi). Now, when ri
is given a -i argument, it will allow the user to disambiguate
unqualified methods if more than one is present and also will allow a
user to get information for a class' method.
* 8 Minor Enhancements
* RDoc now adds the package title to the web pages that it generates
for files and classes/modules, which helps them appear better in
search engine results.
* RDoc now automatically generates cross-reference links for classes and
methods specified relative to the global namespace (i.e., ::A::B::C#method).
* All built-in templates now output valid, strict XHTML.
* The documentation is slightly better organized (the markup details were
merged into the RDoc module's documentation).
* Improved rdoc's HTML generation speed by about 20% (on Windows, the
boost seems larger).
* Provided an ri command-line option to control its caching behavior.
* Improved RDoc's documentation. Added RI.txt to document ri.
* Allow HTML templates distributed as gems to be loaded with the -T option,
just like the standard templates in rdoc/generator/html (so an HTML
template lib/new_template.rb in a gem can be used with rdoc -T new_template)
* 25 Bug fixes:
* Fixed prototype detection in C parser. Can process ruby 1.8 C files
* Fixed the main page for frameless template. Patch by Marcin Raczkowski.
* Fixed the main page for frame templates. Now, if no main page is
specified, RDoc will default to the README.
* Fixed missing stylesheet in generated chm. Patch by Gordon Thiesfeld.
* Fixed the parsing of module names starting with '::'. Patch by
Giuseppe Bilotta.
* Fixed a case where RDoc first would encounter Foo::Bar and then would
encounter class Foo. Previously, RDoc erroneously would have considered
that both a Foo class and a Foo module existed.
* Fix a clase where RDoc would not generate correct cross-reference links
to a class contained within a module of the same name (i.e. RDoc::RDoc)
* Prevented RDoc from trying to parse binary files, which would produce
garbage output.
* RDoc now correctly converts ' characters to apostrophes, opening single
quotes, and closing single quotes in most cases (smart single quotes).
* RDoc now correctly converts " characters to opening double quotes and
and closing double quotes in most cases (smart double quotes).
* (c) correctly is converted into the copyright symbol.
* '&' characters in text now correctly are translated to HTML character codes.
* Fixed missing stylesheet in generated chm. Patch by Gordon Thiesfeld.
* Fixed broken method links in the built-in templates.
* RDoc properly links to files and classes in the one page HTML template.
* The kilmer and hefss templates properly syntax highlight when inlining
source code.
* The kilmer and hefss template class pages properly display methods again.
* Fixed broken class, file, and method links in the frameless template.
* Fixed the clipping of source code in the html and frameless templates when
the source code cannot fit into the window; a scrollbar now will allow
all of the source code to be viewed.
* Fixed the missing constant descriptions in the html and frameless
* Fixed the ri command-line options that customize the directories to be
searched for documentation.
* Fixed the XML generator. Patch by Anthony Durity.
* Stopped the XML template from generating invalid XML due to malformed
embedded ruby.
* Adding missing information about a class' constants to the XML template.
* Fixed the horizontal rule markup (---) so that it correctly adds a
horizontal rule rather than suppressing all text that follows.
=== 2.1.0 / 2008-07-20
* 3 Major Enhancements:
* RDoc now knows about meta-programmed methods, see RDoc::Parser::Ruby
* Reorganized parsers under RDoc::Parser base class
* ri now walks the ancestors of a class looking for a method e.g. ri
File#read displays documentation for IO#read (may require regeneration of
ri data)
* 5 Minor Enhancements:
* Allow links to files
* Default options now taken from RDOCOPT environment variable
* Class method documentation can be found at toplevel now (def
* Allow HTML templates distributed as gems to be loaded with the -T option,
just like the standard templates in rdoc/generator/html (so an HTML
template lib/new_template.rb in a gem can be used with rdoc -T new_template)
* `rdoc -v` prints out files, classes, modules and methods as it goes
* 11 Bug Fixes:
* `ri` now looks for class methods also
* Sections work in the default template again
* Doesn't warn about :foo:: list item being an unrecognized directive
* RDoc no longer converts characters inside tt tags
* Fixed "unitialized constant RDoc::Markup::ToHtml::HTML"
* Fixed generation of relative links
* Fixed various diagram generation issues
* Fixed templates broken by switch to erb
* Fixed issue with <!-- --> style comments
* Lowercase words are no longer rdoc'd as methods without leading #, as
described in the documentation
* RDoc now correctly sets superclasses if they were originally unknown
=== 2.0.0 / 2008-04-10
* 3 Major Enhancements:
* Renamespaced everything RDoc under the RDoc module.
* New `ri` implementation.
* Reads from a cache in ~/.ri/ for enhanced speed.
* RubyGems aware, only searches latest gem versions.
* Now up to over 100 tests and 200 assertions.
* 4 Minor Enhancements:
* Switched to an ERb-based TemplatePage, see RDoc::TemplatePage.
* Class/module ri now displays attribute and constant comments.
* Cross-references can be disabled with a leading \.
* Relaxed parsing for some RDoc inline markup.