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from django.http import Http404
from regulations.generator import generator, node_types
from regulations.generator.html_builder import CFRHTMLBuilder
from regulations.generator.subterp import filter_by_subterp
from regulations.views.partial import PartialSectionView, PartialView
class PartialInterpView(PartialView):
""" Interpretation of a reg text section/paragraph or appendix. Used for
in-line interpretations"""
template_name = "regulations/interpretations.html"
inline = False
layers = []
def mk_layers(root_label, version):
"""Function to generate a shared set of layers"""
return generator.layers(
['terms', 'internal', 'keyterms', 'paragraph'], 'cfr', root_label,
sectional=True, version=version)
def determine_layers(self, label_id, version):
"""Don't generate new appliers"""
return self.layers
def transform_context(self, context, builder):
context['inline'] = self.inline
context['c'] = {'node_type': node_types.INTERP,
'children': [builder.tree]}
return context
class PartialSubterpView(PartialSectionView):
"""View of subterps - interpretations of whole subparts, regtext, or
def get_context_data(self, **kwargs):
# skip our parent
context = super(PartialView, self).get_context_data(**kwargs)
label_id = context['label_id']
label = label_id.split('-')
reg_part = label[0]
version = context['version']
context['navigation'] = self.section_navigation(label_id, version)
interp = generator.get_tree_paragraph(reg_part + '-Interp', version)
if not interp:
raise Http404
subterp_sects = filter_by_subterp(interp['children'], label, version)
if not subterp_sects:
raise Http404
context['markup_page_type'] = 'reg-section'
html_label = node_types.to_markup_id(label_id.split('-'))
interp['children'] = subterp_sects
# interp['label] is defined so that the template receives the
# appropriate markup ID, matching the rendered subterp and not
# the parent node in the tree
interp['label'] = label
layers = list(self.determine_layers(reg_part + '-Interp', version))
builder = CFRHTMLBuilder(layers)
builder.tree = interp
interp = builder.tree
interp['html_label'] = html_label
context['tree'] = {'children': [interp]}
return context