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Second quad mech warfare robot - this time controlled with micropython.
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Math functions for vectors adapted from WebbotLib 2.0 source code.

Bioloid micropython library by DHylands with general micropython implmentations for microcontrollers.

uCee project by JHylands building on the bioloid library and providing AX-12 specific functionality.

Python 3.x library mnfy script from which I base minification of all modules to be uploaded.

IK code is my own, ported from C for first version of Numa.


Written for micropython, which is based on python 3.4 feature set.

For minifying the code, uses mnfy (install with pip3)



  1. Save everything in numac_porting
  2. Run the to copy just the files needed on robot, and to reduce their size: python3
  3. Using Windows Explorer (? or better?) copy the created files in micropy-to-upload
  4. ???
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