jQuery Plugin to generate a Tag Cloud on Tumblr
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Signed-off-by: Sascha Rudolph <sascharenerudolph@gmail.com>



A simple jQuery plugin to generate a Tag Cloud based on your Tumblr posts.


Just include the Javascript file in your Tumblr theme after you've included jQuery.

Basic Usage

Create a placeholder div to put the tag cloud in (can be also on a separate page):

<div id="tumblrTagCloud"></div>

Then when the div is ready in the DOM, which is usually on document ready, run the tumblrTagCloud function:

$('#tumblrTagCloud').tumblrTagCloud({url: 'http://username.tumblr.com'});
// or if jquery is set to noConflict
jQuery('#tumblrTagCloud').tumblrTagCloud({url: 'http://username.tumblr.com'});

You can also specify how many posts should be processed and in which chunks those should be gathered by invoking:

  url: 'http://username.tumblr.com',
  maxPosts: 200,
  numPosts: 20

If your Tumblr is password protected you might want to utilize username and password as well.

  url: 'http://username.tumblr.com',
  maxPosts: 200,
  numPosts: 20,
  username: 'somesite',
  password: 'thepassword'

Get your tags sorted either alphabetically, or randomly or by count or just as fetched.

  url: 'http://username.tumblr.com',
  sortBy: 'alpha'

To avoid any complaints, please checkout the documentation for username and password in the parameters listing, just below this paragraph.



Specifies the URL of your Tumblr site from which the tag cloud should be generated.


Default: 400

Specifies the amount of posts that should be retrieved and processed to populate the tag cloud.


Default: 50

Specifies how many posts on each turn should be requested from the Tumblr API.


Default: false

Specifies the password that should be used to query the posts from the Tumblr API.


This is NOT your login password, but the password that you specified in your blog settings (Password protect this blog) and should be treated as any other password; with utmost care or in the words of the Dog Brothers: 'Protect yourself at all times'.


Default: false

Specifies the sorting algorithm of the tag list. If no sortBy is defined, then the list gets printed as fetched from the Tumblr API.

Supported algorithms:

  • alpha - alphabetical sort
  • random - random sort
  • bycount - sorts by amount of tag usage/occurence


Default: false

Specifies the username that should be used to query the posts from the Tumblr API. The username to give here, might differ from your login username. If your password protected tumblr is http://somesite.tumblr.com then username should be 'somesite'.


Report 'em here or fork the plugin and fix 'em.

Copyright & License

Copyright (C) 2012 Sascha Rudolph sascharenerudolph@gmail.com

Licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License