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What is it?

This is the code and content for, which is a collection of genealogical information and family history stories and journals, etc. related to the ancestors of Mark and Bodell Esplin.

How does it work?

The content is stored as markdown compatible text files. A ruby script converts these files to html (with maruku) and gives them a layout (with liquid). So the end result is a collection of static html files.

Why not use one of the existing static site generators?

The most important priority of this project is to preserve historical data, not create a feature rich website. All the static site generators I looked at required the text files to have special headers to give hints to the html converter. And I wanted the text files to be the canonical source for the data and in a format that will never become unreadable or obsolete.

Also, most of the static site generators had a bunch of blog-related or other advanced features that would only get in the way for this simple project.


  • Install docker and docker-compose.
docker-compose up

Regenerate Entire Site

docker-compose run --rm web bundle exec ruby converter.rb

Convert One File

docker-compose run --rm web bundle exec ruby converter.rb $PATH_TO_FILE