A library and a consol tool for adding/modifying/getting security related bugzilla entries using Python mechanize library. It was initially designed for use by Pardus Linux Security Team, hence only works for Pardus bugzilla at this time.
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Bugs.py, also called BugSPY

BugSPY is a library and a tool for managing Pardus bugzilla.

We couldn't use other bugzilla tools as we used additional/different types of flags in bugzilla. At the time of writing this tool, Pardus bugzilla did not support XMLRPC interface so other bugzilla libraries or tools couldn't be used. Hence, using the web interface for sending bugs was necessary so BugSPY was born.

BugSPY uses mechanize library which emulates a browser inside python library. Mechanize is easy-to-use tool, it handles cookies, forms, etc., everything you expect from a browser. I used it because sending raw POST queries to bugzilla is painful. Just go around the code and see form stuff, easy to use and clean.


Before using BugSPY, you should set the bugzilla URL, username, and password inside bugspy.conf. Set your account, copy bugspy.conf to you home directory and rename it to ".bugspy.conf". You are ready to use it.


  • Python
  • Mechanize
  • Piksemel


This tool was written explicitly for Pardus Linux when I was still working for it half-time until the project was closed and I quit.

In this stage, the tool cannot be used by other bugzillas. However, BugSPY is still an example of how a bugzilla interface can be made using mechanize library via HTTP. Feel free to use the code, get inspired if you have similar legacy bugzilla for which you cannot provide XMLRPC interface.