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Anime schedule (airing times of upcoming episodes) #59

Jiyuu opened this issue Nov 14, 2014 · 5 comments

Anime schedule (airing times of upcoming episodes) #59

Jiyuu opened this issue Nov 14, 2014 · 5 comments


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Jiyuu commented Nov 14, 2014

currently i usually look at mahou showtime when i want to see what episodes should be released soon,
but it will be much nicer to have such functionality in taiga directly,

the most "easy"(will still require quite a bit of work i suspect) would be keep the air time per anime and thus just show it similarly to the list which currently shows anime that should start soon.

the more complex, but more interesting option would be to heuristically calculate the likely release time of the next episode( for example if previous episodes were released between 18:00 to 19:30 UTC on a Wednesday, it is fairly likely the next episode will be released at a similar time.).

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erengy commented Nov 15, 2014

There's an FAQ entry for this:

Could you add a feature that displays airing times of TV series?

Unfortunately, the necessary data is not readily available for Taiga to use. Hummingbird and MyAnimeList don't provide such information, and other services (e.g. mahou Showtime!, AnimeCalendar) don't associate the series with their matching HB/MAL IDs. The only solution seems to be creating our own service, but we've decided against this because of its maintenance cost and some other concerns.

Here's a tip, though: If you enable the option to check new torrents automatically, Taiga can notify you when a new episode is available, or start downloading it immediately.

Taiga already uses some simple logic to estimate the last aired episode number, but I believe that anything more than that would be too clever and produce unreliable results.

I entertain the thought from time to time, but currently it's not a priority for Taiga.

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Jiyuu commented Nov 15, 2014

hmm though there is no direct link from the mal showtimem it does have a link to anidb, which in turn have a link to MAL,
not sure how complex it would be, but it doesnt sound too complex if we are only talking about int to int mapping(anidb id to mal id)
one more thing about , while they dont have MAL ids, they have names.
seeing as taiga already has a pretty impressive title detection algo wouldnt it be possible to rely on it to translate the names into IDs?...

also i notice that you store anime seasons in an xml file you store locally, i always figured you generate these yourself, if so wouldn't it be fairly simple to add an field to it(granted it will be manual)?
i mean, for you to know what are the upcoming animes you anyway need to know the day at the very least(which would usually be the same DOW as the airdate, so you should already be able to show "animes airing today" list which just the first airdate you currently have, unless this is some kind of MAL API?)

anyhow a heuristics based approach should not need a service(though a central service will probably make it more precise), but only needs to keep a list of previous torrent appearance times..

thanks for the reply though, i would have tried to implement that for taiga(i actually already implemented some POCs for personal use in c#) but it seems kind of too big for my skills in c, considering the scale of it..

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rr- commented Nov 24, 2014

anidb has very fascist rules for API queries. Just my two cents.

Copy link has an option where you can embed MAL links (and lots of other anime lists) on every entry in the schedule.
They also have a discord. Might make sense to hit them up for API access.

Otherwise you could fetch the data right from their page. But I'd recommend to ask them first.

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What has become of adding a tab with the anime calendar schedule?

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