Third party applications for MyAnimeList

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Desktop clients

Name Status Developer Open source Platform
Cafeine Active Nexxkinn No Windows 10
Shukofukurou Active chikorita157 Yes Mac
MAL Updater Active Kotori No Windows
MAL Updater OS X Active chikorita157 Yes Mac
MALClient Active Drutol Yes Windows 10
MyAnimelistRT Active TocoToucan Yes Windows 10
Taiga Active erengy Yes Windows
Trackma Active z411 Yes *nix
mal-gtk Active talisein Yes Linux
AniChou Stalled (since 2009-04-25) evilsage4, Necrotex, skriticos, Wile Yes Linux
Beholder Stalled (since 2013-08-06) lainverse Yes Linux
HAPU Stalled (since 2015-05-09) inket No Mac
iMAL Stalled (since 2009-09-12) pigoz Yes Mac
Linux MAL Updater Stalled (since 2009-03-18) smileaf Yes Linux
MAL Client OS X Stalled (since 2010-05-31) chikorita157 Yes Mac
MALDeck Stalled (since 2013-01-01) MALDeck No Mac, Windows
Zenbu Stalled (since 2014-08-01) Ippytraxx Yes Linux, Windows

Mobile clients

Name Status Developer Open source Platform
AniList Active SpacePyro Yes iOS
Pocket MAL Active G-Lodan No Android
Anime Trakr Active Darkcirius No iOS
MALClient Active Drutol Yes Android, Windows 10 Mobile
AnYme Active ZUNJAE No Android
Kamuy Active Cylon-U87 No Android
Atarashii! Stalled (since 2017-07-01) Ratan12 Yes Android
animaDb Stalled (since 2013-10-18) azzyzx No Windows Phone
Anime List Stalled (since 2014-10-20) LeviH No Windows Phone
AnimuPlyr Stalled (since 2016-01-29) JankenStudios No iOS
MAL for Android Stalled (since 2014-03-12) riotopsys Yes Android
MALicious Stalled (since 2012-10-29) brass2themax No Android
MALO Stalled (since 2011-07-08) ? No Android
Momo MAL Client Stalled (since 2013-05-14) ? No Android
My Anime List Stalled (since 2013-05-15) ? No Windows Phone
MyAnimeList Client Stalled (since 2013-07-08) ? No Android
Pocket-MAL Stalled (since 2012-07-31) euks No iOS
Sugoi for MyAnimeList Stalled (since 2013-03-12) Richirudo No iOS

Web services

Name Developer
Anime Recommendation Finder LordHighCaptain
Anime Recommendations UDP
Atarashii MAL API Ratan12, motokochan
BetterMyAnimeList romain2
hinatachan ?
MALgraph fri, rr-
MALstats _North
MyAnimeList Unofficial API chuyeow
Suggest Me Anime! are595
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