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devector and batch_deque containers for C++. See more at:
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DoubleEndend containers

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This library provides two double ended containers, devector and batch_deque similar to the vector and deque in the C++ Standard Library, but with additional features geared towards high performance, and unsafe constructs, giving more control to the user.


devector is a hybrid of the standard vector and deque containers, as well as the small_vector of Boost.Container. It offers cheap (amortized constant time) insertion at both the front and back ends, while also providing the regular features of std::vector, in particular the contiguous underlying memory. In contrast to the standard vector, however, devector offers greater control over its internals. Like small_vector, it can store elements internally without dynamically allocating memory.

batch_deque is very similar to the standard deque, with a slight twist. It lets you specify its segment size: The size of the contiguous memory segments it uses to store its elements. This provides a consistent layout across platforms, and lets you iterate over the segments with batch operations.

Read more in the documentation


This is not an official Boost library

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