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An Ansible playbook to deploy Kippo on multiple hosts
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Kippo Ansible Playbook

This is an Ansible playbook to install Kippo on Debian hosts.

The playbook will setup a node as a database server for Kippo hosts to log incoming attacks and will also setup multiple Kippo hosts.


  • setup a database server so all kippo hosts log to that server
  • create a kippouser account to run kippo
  • download the latest Kippo version from a git repo (desaster's by default)
  • configure Kippo
  • change sshd port to 22422 (it's a variable, so it's easy to change)
  • add an iptable rule to forward traffic from port 2222 to 22
  • run kippo

This is a very basic skeleton, feel free to mess around with it. I've only tested it with Debian Wheezy and it seems to work. Keep in mind this is a proof of concept playbook, so some stuff could be improved (e.g. mysql security).

How to use

Edit the vars db_host and db_password in group_vars/all to reflect your setup and run the playbook.

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