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Merge pull request #177 from ergebnis/fix/composer-require-checker

Fix: Use localheinz/composer-require-checker-action
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localheinz committed Jan 6, 2020
2 parents db04f9c + cb1164a commit 13f700e08c8160aeb0ad365adc14a574382936d0
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@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ coding-standards: vendor ## Fixes code style issues with friendsofphp/php-cs-fix

.PHONY: dependency-analysis
dependency-analysis: vendor ## Runs a dependency analysis with maglnet/composer-require-checker
docker run --interactive --rm --tty --volume ${PWD}:/app webfactory/composer-require-checker:2.0.0
docker run --interactive --rm --tty --workdir=/app --volume ${PWD}:/app localheinz/composer-require-checker-action:1.1.1

.PHONY: help
help: ## Displays this list of targets with descriptions

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