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v2.0.0 - persistent history support and much more

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@slingamn slingamn released this 08 Mar 09:52
· 2429 commits to master since this release

We're pleased to announce Oragono 2.0.0, a major update with a wide range of enhancements and fixes. Highlights include:

  • Support for storing chat history in a MySQL backend
  • Full "bouncer" functionality, including "always-on" clients that remain present on the server even when disconnected
  • LDAP support contributed by @mattouille
  • Support for the ratified labeled-response IRCv3 capability
  • Enhanced support for Kubernetes
  • Many new service commands, improving management of client certificates, vhosts, and channel ownership

Many thanks to @csmith, @mattouille, and @xPaw for contributing patches, to @csmith and @wrmsr for contributing code reviews, to @bogdomania, @brenns10, @daurnimator, @ekianjo, horseface, @ivucica, @jesopo, @jwheare, KoDi, lover, @notbandali, @poVoq, @TETYYS, and @zaher for reporting issues, and to @bogdomania and Nuve for contributing translations.

This release includes changes to the config file format, including two breaking changes:

  1. Backwards compatibility with the old server.listen format for configuring listeners has been removed; you must now use the server.listeners format that was introduced in 1.2.0.
  2. The two sections server.connection-limits and server.connection-throttling have been consolidated into one new section, server.ip-limits.

Other changes to the config file format are backwards compatible and do not require updating before restart. To minimize potential downtime, we suggest the following workflow:

  1. Without upgrading your oragono binary, edit your config file to add new server.listeners and server.ip-limits sections, based on the example config file
  2. Rehash your server, confirming that the new config file is valid for for the previous version of the server
  3. Upgrade your oragono binary to the new 2.0.x version and restart your server
  4. Once your deployment is stable on 2.0.x, delete the old server.listen, server.connection-limits, and server.connection-throttling sections from your config, and rehash your server to confirm

This release includes a database change. If you have datastore.autoupgrade set to true in your configuration, it will be automatically applied when you restart Oragono. Otherwise, you can update the database manually by running oragono upgradedb (see the manual for complete instructions).

Config Changes

  • Desupported server.listen in favor of server.listeners, a breaking change (#794)
  • Desupported server.connection-limits and server.connection-throttling in favor of server.ip-limits, a breaking change (#646)
  • The recommended default is now to allow plaintext only on loopback interfaces (#801)
  • Added server.casemapping option to control which Unicode nicknames and channels are allowed (#693)
  • Added server.lookup-hostnames and server.forward-confirm-hostnames options to control hostname lookup (#688)
  • Added new limits.multiline section to control the new draft/multiline capability
  • Added sections for enabling the optional MySQL history storage backend: datastore.mysql for connecting to the server and history.persistent for controlling which messages are stored
  • Added history.restrictions for preventing people from retrieving arbitrarily old history messages
  • Added history.znc-maxmessages, allowing a higher history replay limit for bouncer emulation relative to CHATHISTORY
  • Added accounts.vhosts.offer-list, allowing users to take pre-approved vhosts without operator approval (#737)
  • Renamed accounts.bouncer to accounts.multiclient (the old name still works) (#787)
  • New recommended values of server.max-sendq, server.ip-cloaking.num-bits, accounts.registration.bcrypt-cost, accounts.nick-reservation.enabled (now true), accounts.multiclient.allowed-by-default (now true)
  • Added server.ip-cloaking.secret-environment-variable, allowing the cloaking secret to be deployed via an environment variable for use in Kubernetes (#741, thanks @daurnimator!)


  • Added forward confirmation of reverse DNS lookups for hostnames: to enable this, set server.forward-confirm-hostnames to true (#688)
  • Added protection against confusable channel names (#581)
  • Fixed cases where Tor users could receive CTCP messages, contrary to expectations (#752, #753)
  • Fixed NS INFO displaying the local timezone (#710)
  • Fixed accounts.authentication-enabled failing to disable the NS IDENTIFY command (#721)


  • Added support for persistent history storage in MySQL (#348)
  • Added support for "always-on" clients that remain present on the server even when disconnected (#348, #701)
  • Added support for LDAP (#690, thanks @mattouille, @ivucica, and @mabgnu!)
  • Added support for the new draft/multiline specification (#670, thanks @jwheare and @jesopo!)
  • Added new modes for Unicode characters in nicknames and channel names: ASCII-only and "permissive" (allowing emoji) (#693)
  • Added support for plaintext PROXY lines ahead of a TLS handshake, improving compatibility with some Kubernetes load balancers (#561, thanks @RyanSquared and @daurnimator!)
  • Added support for authenticating operators by TLS client certificates, and automatically applying operator privileges on login (#696, thanks @RyanSquared!)
  • Added /DEOPER command to remove operator privileges (#549, thanks @bogdomania!)
  • Added /CHANSERV TRANSFER, allowing transfers of channel ownership (#684)
  • Added /NICKSERV CERT, allowing users to manage their authorized client certificates (#530)
  • Added /HOSTSERV TAKE, allowing users to take pre-approved vhosts without operator approval (#737)
  • Added support for configuring connection limits and throttling for individual CIDRs (#646, thanks KoDi!)
  • Added /CHANSERV PURGE, allowing server administrators to shut down channels (#683)
  • Added /CHANSERV CLEAR, allowing channel founders to reset stored bans and privileges (#692)
  • Added /CHANSERV SET, allowing channel founders to disable channel history (#379)
  • Added account preference AUTOREPLAY-JOINS, allowing greater control over when joins and parts appear in history replay (#616, thanks @zaher!)
  • Added /DEBUG CRASHSERVER command (#791)
  • now supports nicknames as targets (#830)
  • Added channel mode +C to suppress CTCP messages to a channel (#756)
  • Added some missing snomasks for events related to accounts and vhosts (+s v to enable vhost snomasks) (#347, #103)


  • Updated CHATHISTORY support to the latest draft (#621, thanks @prawnsalad!)
  • Updated to the ratified labeled-response specification from the earlier draft/labeled-response-0.2 (#757)
  • /HISTORY now defaults to returning 100 messages, and also takes time durations like 1h as arguments (#621, thanks lover!)
  • D-Lines are no longer enforced against loopback IPs (#671)
  • Password length limit was reduced from 600 bytes to 300 bytes (#775)


  • Fixed a bug where commands would play every channel, regardless of the target parameter (#760, thanks @brenns10!)
  • Fixed MODE -o not removing all operator permissions (#725, #549, thanks @bogdomania!)
  • Fixed client-only tags being relayed in direct messages to users without the message-tags capability (#754, thanks @jesopo!)
  • Fixed the channel user limit (the +l mode) not persisting after server restart (#705, thanks @bogdomania!)
  • Fixed response to JOIN lines with parameters ending in a comma (#679, thanks @bogdomania!)
  • Fixed confusable protection not being removed from unregistered accounts (#745, thanks @bogdomania!)
  • Fixed rehash not enabling nickname reservation, vhosts, or history under some circumstances (#702, thanks @bogdomania!)
  • Fixed responses to the USERHOST command (#682)
  • Fixed bad results when running oragono upgradedb against a missing database file (#715, thanks @bogdomania!)
  • Fixed confusing NS GHOST behavior when nickname reservation is disabled (#727, thanks horseface!)
  • Fixed validation of authzid during SASL (#716, thanks @xPaw!)
  • Non-ASCII characters are proactively disallowed in ip-cloaking.netname (#713, thanks @bogdomania!)
  • Limited the time during which affects channel joins (#829)


  • Removed capability in favor of the new draft/multiline capability (#670, #752)
  • Removed capability (multiclient functionality is now controllable only via server config and /NS SET MULTICLIENT) (#787)
  • Removed draft/acc capability and related ACC command (#723)

Internal Notes

  • Updated to Go 1.14 and modules, simplifying the build process (#699)