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v2.2.0 - WHOX and other delights

@slingamn slingamn released this
· 1322 commits to master since this release
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We're pleased to announce Oragono 2.2.0, a new stable release.

This release contains several notable enhancements, as well as bug fixes:

  • Support for tracking seen/missed messages across multiple devices (#843)
  • WHOX support contributed by @jesopo (#938)
  • Authentication of users via external scripts (#1107)

Many thanks to @clukawski and @jesopo for contributing patches, to @ajaspers, @bogdomania, @csmith, @daurnimator, @emersonveenstra, @eskil, @eskimo, Geo-, @happyhater, @jesopo, @jwheare, @k4bek4be, @KoraggKnightWolf, @kylef, @LukeHoersten, @mogad0n, r3m, @RyanSquared, savoyard, and @wrmsr for reporting issues and helping test, and to our translators for contributing translations.

This release includes changes to the config file format, including one breaking change: timeout is no longer an acceptable value of accounts.nick-reservation.method. (If you were using it, we suggest strict as a replacement.) All other changes to the config file format are backwards compatible and do not require updating before restart.

This release includes a database change. If you have datastore.autoupgrade set to true in your configuration, it will be automatically applied when you restart Oragono. Otherwise, you can update the database manually by running oragono upgradedb (see the manual for complete instructions).


  • Timeout-based nickname enforcement has been removed. We recommend strict as the default enforcement method. Users who configured timeout for their account will be upgraded to strict. With accounts.login-via-pass-command enabled, clients lacking support for SASL can authenticate via the PASS (server password command) by sending account_name:account_password as the server password. (#1027)
  • Native support for LDAP has been removed. LDAP is now supported via the external oragono-ldap plugin; see its repository page for details. (#1142, #1107)

Config changes

  • Added server.enforce-utf8, controlling whether the server enforces that messages be valid UTF-8; a value of true for this is now the recommended default (#1151)
  • Added history.tagmsg-storage for configuring which TAGMSG are stored in history; if this is not configured, TAGMSG will not be stored (#1172)
  • All TLS certificate fingerprints in the config file are now named certfp instead of fingerprint (the old name of fingerprint is still accepted) (#1050, thanks @RyanSquared!)
  • Added accounts.auth-script section for configuring external authentication scripts (#1107, thanks @daurnimator!)
  • Removed accounts.ldap section for configuring LDAP; LDAP is now available via the auth-script plugin interface (#1142)
  • Added defcon operator capability, allowing use of the new /DEFCON command (#328)
  • Default awaylen, kicklen, and topiclen limits now reflect the 512-character line limit (#1112, thanks @k4bek4be!)
  • Added extjwt section for configuring the EXTJWT extension (#948, #1136)
  • login-via-pass-command: true is now a recommended default (#1186)


  • Added support for WHOX, contributed by @jesopo (#938, thanks!)
  • Added support for tracking missed messages across multiple devices; see the "history" section of the manual for details (#843, thanks @jwheare and @wrmsr!)
  • Added /NICKSERV SUSPEND and /NICKSERV UNSUSPEND commands, allowing operators to suspend access to an abusive user account (#1135)
  • Added support for external authentication systems, via subprocess ("auth-script") invocation (#1107, thanks @daurnimator!)
  • Added the /DEFCON command, allowing operators to respond to spam or DoS attacks by disabling features at runtime without a rehash. (This feature requires that the operator have a newly defined capability, named defcon; this can be added to the appropriate oper blocks in the config file.) (#328, thanks @bogdomania!)
  • Added support for the EXTJWT draft extension, allowing Oragono to be integrated with other systems like Jitsi (#948, #1136)
  • Services (NickServ, ChanServ, etc.) now respond to CTCP VERSION messages (#1055, thanks @jesopo!)
  • Added BOT ISUPPORT token, plus a B flag for bots in 352 RPL_WHOREPLY (#1117)
  • Added support for the +T no-CTCP user mode (#1007, thanks @clukawski!)
  • Added support for persisting the realname of always-on clients (#1065, thanks @clukawski!)
  • Added a warning on incorrect arguments to /NICKSERV REGISTER (#1179, thanks @LukeHoersten!)
  • /NICKSERV SET PASSWORD now sends a warning (#1208)


  • Fixed channels with only invisible users not being displayed in /LIST output (#1161, thanks @bogdomania!)
  • Fixed INVITE not overriding a +b ban (#1168)
  • Fixed incorrect CHGHOST lines during authentication with /NICKSERV IDENTIFY under some circumstances (#1108, thanks Geo-!)
  • Fixed incorrect CHGHOST lines sent to users during connection registration (#1125, thanks @jesopo!)
  • Fixed a number of issues affecting the capability, in particular restoring compatibility with Palaver (#1205, thanks @kylef!)
  • Fixed interaction of auto-away with the regular /AWAY command (#1207)
  • Fixed an incorrect interaction between always-on and /NS SAREGISTER (#1216)
  • Fixed a race condition where nicknames of signed-out users could remain in the channel names list (#1166, thanks @eskimo!)
  • Fixed the last line of the MOTD being truncated in the absence of a terminating \n (#1167, thanks @eskimo!)
  • Fixed away-notify lines not being sent on channel JOIN (#1198, thanks savoyard!)
  • Fixed incorrect source of some nickserv messages (#1185)
  • Fixed idle time being updated on non-PRIVMSG commands (thanks r3m and @happyhater!)
  • Fixed /NICKSERV UNREGISTER and /NICKSERV ERASE not deleting stored user modes (#1157)


  • Connections to an STS-only listener no longer reveal the exact server version or server creation time (#802, thanks @csmith!)


  • /DLINE now operates on individual client connections (#1135)
  • When using the multiclient feature, each client now has its own independent MONITOR list (#1053, thanks @ajaspers!)
  • MONITOR L now lists the nicknames in the form they were originally sent with MONITOR +, without casefolding (#1083)
  • We now send the traditional 445 ERR_SUMMONDISABLED and 446 ERR_USERSDISABLED in response to the SUMMON and USERS commands (#1078, thanks @KoraggKnightWolf!)
  • RPL_ISUPPORT parameters with no values are now sent without an = (#1067, #1069, #1091, thanks @KoraggKnightWolf and @jesopo!)
  • TAGMSG storage is now controlled via the history.tagmsg-storage config block (#1172)
  • /NICKSERV CERT ADD with no argument now adds the user's current TLS certificate fingerprint, when applicable (#1059, thanks @emersonveenstra!)


  • The config file containing recommended defaults is now named default.yaml, instead of oragono.yaml (#1130, thanks @k4bek4be!)
  • The output of the /INFO command now includes the full git hash, when applicable (#1105)