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v2.3.0 - a bugfix release
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We're pleased to announce Oragono 2.3.0, a new stable release.

This release contains primarily bug fixes, but includes one notable feature enhancement: a change contributed by @hhirtz that updates the draft/rename specification to correspond to the new (soon-to-be) published draft.

Many thanks to @hhirtz for contributing patches, to @bogdomania, @digitalcircuit, @ivan-avalos, @jesopo, @kylef, @Mitaka8, @mogad0n, and @ProgVal for reporting issues and helping test, and to our translators for contributing translations.

This release includes no changes to the config file format or database changes.

Config changes

  • The recommended value of lookup-hostnames for configurations that cloak IPs (as has been the default since 2.1.0) is now false (#1228)


  • Mitigated a potential DoS attack on websocket listeners (#1226)


  • Removed /HOSTSERV OFFERLIST and related commands; this functionality is superseded by IP cloaking (#1190)


  • Fixed an edge case in handling no-op nick changes (#1242)
  • Fixed edge cases with users transitioning in and out of always-on status (#1218, #1219, thanks @bogdomania!)
  • Fixed a race condition related to the registration timeout (#1225, thanks @hhirtz!)
  • Fixed incorrectly formatted account tags on some messages (#1254, thanks @digitalcircuit!)
  • Improved checks for invalid config files (#1244, thanks @ivan-avalos!)
  • Fixed messages to services and *playback not receiving echo-message when applicable (#1204, thanks @kylef!)
  • Fixed a help string (#1237, thanks @Mitaka8!)


  • Updated draft/rename implementation to the latest draft (#1223, thanks @hhirtz!)


  • Official release builds now use Go 1.15 (#1195)
  • /INFO now includes the Go version (#1234)